Help for a friend - outdoor Catholic wedding
So, some of you may remember a couple of weeks ago, I posted about knowing about an impending proposal for a friend. Well, it was one of my BM's (her FH was a GM, they caught the bouquet and garter), and she said yes and it was awesome. Today I went with her to her first bridal show. The thing she is the most stuck on is really, really wanting an outdoor wedding but also really, really wanting a Catholic ceremony (sans-mass). She mentioned it's possible if she can find someplace with consecrated ground. I don't know much about all this, but I'm determined to help as much as I can. So, advice on this? And if anyone knows of someplace in the Louisville or Lexington, Ky areas that could work, please let me know!

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I think her best bet would be to speak with someone in the Catholic Church to help find consecrated ground.

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I am catholic, and I have never heard of a Catholic being married outside... In fact I'm pretty sure it is unheard of. And I don't think priest can marry outside of the church. Only a bishop can give the yes for a Catholic to be married outside by a priest or deacon. She may want to do more research on this.

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I agree with ^^^^

The Catholic Church can be extremely strict about weddings. Tell her not to be surprised and/or disappointed if it doesn't work out.

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I will pass that on, thanks.

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Catholics believe the church is a true house of God. Therefore, all sacraments are to be celebrated in the church. Without going into philosophy of religion, basically it's an act of humility and faith to go TO God's house to get married. Of course she may try and ask, but I really, really don't think she is going to find a priest to marry her anywhere else. I am catholic and have never seen or heard of another catholic being married anywhere else.

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The only time I've heard of a Catholic wedding outside of a church was in an emergency situation--e.g., having the wedding at a hospital because one of the parties was dying.
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A friend of mine had a "catholic" wedding outdoors by a rogue catholic priest. He was no longer with any parish, but he performed a "catholic" wedding sans the mass.

Unless the parish is very liberal (most are not), you can only get married in the church building. My dh and I went with the understanding, very nice rabbi (and got married on the hotel patio) instead of going with my childhood church's option of getting married in the rectory (because my dh is jewish and the church wouldn't allow us to marry in the church - and they had a cow about my suggestion of having the rabbi co-officiate).

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Catholic marriges are performed in the church. If there is a wedding outside it is not recognized by the church. If it was we would be having a wedding in the woods.

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I think the only exception to an in-church ceremony that I've ever heard of is if it is in someone's house. I don't even know if the backyard would work.

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Great answers from everyone. I am certified to teach religion(Catholic). Under normal circumstances, when both partners are Catholic even a ceremony only(no Mass) can't be done outside of the Church. There are examples(such as the rogue priest).

I have heard of cases in which there was a good reason(like 2D mentioned) where the local Archbishop of the diocese in question granted permission. Also this website sites Canon Law which may give a glimmer of hope....

However, while not impossible, I highly doubt it would be approved.

Good luck!
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