Help finding teal wedding shoes
I'm trying to find a pair of teal/turquoise Low to Med heeled (no more than 3 inches) wedding shoes. I need a strap that goes over the top of my foot so I don't fly out of the shoes, which seems to be a deal-breaker for most shoe designers. Please help. Recommendations greatly appreciated. I have contemplated getting dyable shoes (as a last option), but I'm not sure where to go to actually have them custom-dyed. Any recommendations on places that dye shoes in the San Fernando Valley (I'm in Woodland Hills, CA) also greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I was on the quest to find teal shoes too! It's very hard, but Davids Bridal dyes shoes and the color "mermaid" is the perfect shade of teal in my opinion.

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This site allows you to sort by color.
Also, Nordstroms and Payless shoes both carry wide selections of dyables and do the dying there. It's very reasonable.

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Teal blue or more Teal green?

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It's 4.5", but it has an 1" platform which makes it really 3.5", and it has rhinestones on the platform and heel. I think they are gorgeous.

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All good suggestions and beautiful shoes. However, I can't wear anything more than about 3" (overall, including platform) as it would make me taller than the groom. I would like to avoid that. :-) Also the sling backs are beautiful, but I've got a really narrow heel and find that I fly right out of these types of shoes. That's why I need the strap over the top of the foot. I checked out Payless and they limit you to 64 colors, of which teal is not one of them (figures!). I think the best advice so far is David's Bridal. I suspect that's cheaper than Nordstoms... Oh, I would take either a teal blue or a teal green - just trying to get somewhere close to teal and not have it be "ocean blue". Thanks everyone!

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Hayley C™
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You can pick your shoes to try them on then send them back to get dyed. They have tons on this site, search by height and dyable.

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They have some great options on Thanks for the recommendation, Hayley. Have you ordered shoes from there before? Do you know how the try and dye option works? Do you end up paying for shipping three times (once to try, send back, then received dyed shoes)? Thanks!

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Have you tried Unforgettable Moments? it has its own website or you can go through Payless...

Hayley C™
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email response from company so yes, pay for shipping 3x

Hi, I was curious how your try and dye pricing works. How much is shipping
for the shoes? Do I pay for the shipping multiple times?
1st from you to me - price for shipping? 9.00
2nd return to dye - price for shipping? 8.00 if you use our label. If you
have a cheaper way to ship, that is okay with us.
3rd from you to me - price for shipping? 9.00

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I've been looking for the same thing and it is quite a challenge! If you don't want to ship back and forth, you can purchase from and get them dyed locally. It was a bit of a trick but many shoe repair places still do it.

They can also probably get a better color match. I got the swatch from and it's definitely more green teal then blue. Payless was definitely not correct.

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Okay, being as how you were married last did the teal shoe shopping go? Any advise or suggestions for me? I am also searching for teal shoes for my September 2012 wedding. They are SO HARD to find!! I cannot do platform or any heel over 3" due to a foot/ankle injury and an outdoor/uneven ground venue.
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