Has anyone used WedFlik or has anyone you know used it?
FH really wants a videographer. I am really not into it. Plus they are pretty expensive. He recently brought to my attention WedFlik.

Here is what their site says:
"WedFlik is the fun, easy and affordable way to capture all of the special moments of your wedding. Armed with our high-quality, pocket-sized HD video cameras, your friends and family help film the biggest day of your life. Return the cameras to us, and we'll upload the footage to create a professionally edited video. Your love story will be preserved for posterity!"

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I have not heard of but other that are the same. Most of the time i read that they do not get much footage that can be used and sometimes people do not know how to work it. I was not into the videographer till i saw some videos now i want one.

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Does he want one for the ceremony or reception? Our church is recording the ceremony for free
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