Has anyone order their dress from China?
Well ladies, I saw the exact dress I wanted for only $135 with free shipping. My aunt was going to make my dress, but we decided to take the gamble and order the dress from China (aunt is paying for it). she said she will alter it and add or take off anything. So the dress is on its way and should arrive by the end of this week. When I get the results I will definetly share them. Wish me good luck! lol
Below is a picture of my dress I hope to have!

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OH PLEASE!! post the results. I was asking myself today if I should take the risk and do it but I was too chicken! I hope it comes out beautifully!

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I thought about that. Did you read all the fine print at the bottem? Because when I did I saw that some of them sadi dress will be 90% similar to the ones in the photos ect. Everyone I found had little disclaimers like that. But I hope yours comes out amazing, You will have to post pics.

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My dress was going to be made and I haven't tried on any dress yet so I have no illusions or hope of what I want it to look like or the way it is going to fit. no disappoints, we'll (aunt and I) just work with whatever we get. I can't wait! I am so excited to see it (whatever it turns out to be)! lol

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I did. I got it at http://www.helenebridal.com/
I was very nervous about it but it turned out wonderful. I paid with shipping $260.00. It is better in person than on the site! And the train is a lot longer also.

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Yes i have ordered a dress from China through ebay. Love it, Love the quality, it is NOT cheap as most people will tell you. My family is IN LOVE with my dress and can't believe that i only paid $149 for it. It is the same quality satin fabric as dresses in a bridal shop. My dress was made to fit me, so i only need to put a bustle in that a local seamstress is doing for me for $65.

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Yeeaahhhhh! There is Hope! thank you ladies!

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I ordered my dress from China.. I only paid 114 for it.. It is exactly like the picture... I went through http://www.dhgate.com

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oh me too i bought mine and i got it within a month(i live in Jamaica) it was perfect i loved it $149 plus shipping worked out super cheap

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This is what I want to do, but I was terrified! Thanks for the re-assurance girls, I am going to go through with it!

Shaira - where did you order from? and make SURE YOU REPORT BACK!!! I want to hear your story!

Rest of the girls who ordered - which site did you use?

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I ordered a custom dress from China in addition to the gown I already have. I am expecting my pictures this week. I can't wait to see the pictures.

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@Rochelle... that is the very first dress I EVER fell in love with. I wanted it SO SO bad, but could never find it in a store. I promised myself I would not buy a dress without trying it on... but it's BEAUTIFUL!

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I just ordered mine so I don't know what to expect yet.. cannot tell what their quality of their work is yet.

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@Shaira, here are 2 pictures of the dress. The first picture is designers picture, the second is me in the dress. Sorry for the grumpy look...my mom didn't know how to work my camera, I really do love my dress. The top of the dress is different that the picture, and my steamstress is going to steam open up the pleats for me.

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I have ordered 2 dresses from China.. LOVE THEM BOTH!!! one is my wedding dress and the other is my rehearsal dress.. I was so scared myself about ordering from over there... SO WORTH IT!! I did have a bit of issues with my wedding dress I tried to order big and ordered a size 14 US but the sent me a UK size 14 which is about an US size 8 because they ran a bit small.. I couldn't get it zipped.. but my mom does alterations for a living so she put a corset back in it and it is now my DREAM DRESS!!! So make sure you clarify which size chart you are suppose to order from... as for my rehearsal dress it had a corset back already in it and I ordered a the size that by the chart should fit into and it was a bit big.. No Biggie mom just took an inch in on both sides which I can let out if I ever need too and the dress is beautiful.. I say GO FOR IT!!! Even if you need to do alterations you come out WAY ahead... but if you have the time I would send them your mesurements and have them custom

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make it a few girls have done it that way on here and they fit like a glove..

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I ordered one and it came in too small but I only paid $89 so I wasn't out too much. The quality of the dress was great and looked just like the online picture. If you can send in your measurments, make sure you do that and not order from size. I ordered a 16W and it fits my daughter who is a 12. Good luck!

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@mrs almost smith i know me too i made contact immediately. china has a wedding dress market where alot of factories that make dresses its just picking the right one and asking lots of questions

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For that price it's worth a chance! Which company are you ordering from??!?!

Aisles By Design

Aisles By Design
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My sister-in-law ordered her dress from China and it was perfect!
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