Has anyone else recieved this from Davids Bridal?
Hello Amy!

My name is Stephanie; I am emailing you on behalf of David's Bridal. I called and left you a voicemail earlier, but wanted to follow-up via email as well.

We received a registration from you for your wedding in July. From that registration, you have won an Indulge Pampering Package courtesy of David's Bridal! You, plus up to 6 of your bridesmaids or girlfriends will be pampered with a 2-Step Satin Lips Treatment AND Ultimate Facial absolutely FREE!

We currently have the following date available before your wedding for your Indulge Pampering Package:

Saturday, June 25th @ 2pm

I have included a flier detailing the information. Take a look and see if this date works for you and your guests. And please do not hesitate to contact me or Jill at ********** should you have ANY questions.

(Assistant to Jill Moore)

Is this real?!

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I'd call David's Bridal and ask them if they send those type of emails

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Yeah, call them. I'd usually be leery of this kind of thing but it doesn't look like they are asking you for anything - money, credit card number, etc. But yeah, better safe than sorry. If it is true, LUCKY! Congrats.
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I haven't receive any but I'd call DB to find out

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I know people say to be leary....but, this sounds legit. She is representing David's Bridal and gives all valid contact info. Just call David's to be sure, then take advantage of your gift.

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I have gotten ones for Shutterfly, but not for facials

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The products sound like Mary Kay products. I would definitely call DB to check.

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They used to call me 6x a day from a 1-800 number but they never emailed me. I HATE D.B.

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Jun 15, 2011 at 11:36 AM • Flag As Inappropriate
yes, I have, it was a mary kay demonstration at my house. On the phone they made it seem like it was a makeup trial but she just came to my house and tried to sell me stuff. I bought $90 worth of skin care which made me break out and I didn't get a refund. Total waste of time and money.

"The ultimate facial" is you trying on different lotions that you put on yourself. Moisturizers= not a facial
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Thanks girls!

@ Amber H. thank you, I knew there was someone here that has done it! I will NOT be using this.
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Ashley C (formerly P)
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I also received an email and several phone calls regarding this - it was for Mary Kay

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Jun 15, 2011 at 1:54 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
I had a call similar to this from someone who got my information from D.B. I ignored it.

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I must have mis-understood. It sounded to me like you had received a cift card of some sort to a salon (to get your facials) Given from a raffle of some sort through DB.

If it has anything to do with specific products and someone guilting you into make senseless purchases...STAY AWAY!

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I got this too and I went, it was Mary Kay but the girls were all very nice and we not pressuring me to buy, they asked and all I told them was not right now and they left it alone. I did get a gift bag with a full size lotion that is really nice and some candy.

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Jun 15, 2011 at 3:34 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
i got the call. and never called back.

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Hi- I just received this email today, I was thinking it would be too good to be true to win something without a sales pitch attached....

Congratulations Jessica, you won!


I am Sharon Iram with Mary Kay and David's Bridal. Your name was picked from our drawing of registered brides for a FABULOUS gift! I'm just letting you know that I'll be calling in a few days to coordinate that with you.

Please feel free to contact me first to hear all that you have won!

Have a great day and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Sharon Iram
Mary Kay Consultant

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Jun 26, 2012 at 2:11 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
I'm happy to read all these posts. I just received a call telling me I have won a pampering package for me and up to 8 bridesmaids or friends. Things is, I haven't even gone dress shopping yet. I registered at the David's Bridal website to get ideas, and am quite irritated that my information was passed around so fast. Thanks everyone for posting, I will not be partaking in my "free pampering party", and am also going to give DB a piece of my mind.

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I received the same email. It's a Mary Kay consultant who comes to your home and has you try out the products. She obviously had hopes of selling some of her products (a couple friends of mine bought some) but she was very fun and friendly, and she didn't pressure us a bit. I served cocktails to my friends and we had a nice time. I also received a $25 Mary Kay gift card and a free tossing bouquet for my wedding so I don't regret it a bit.

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I actually just received a call today telling me I won the pampering session and bridal bag. Quite psyched to have won something. haha

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Aug 11, 2013 at 7:02 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
And she didn't say anyone would come to my home, she said it would be some place else.
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