Has anyone bought a replica wedding dress online? From DHGate.com?
I have discovered DHGATE from a wedding blog I was reading about wedding dress scams. They said this is one of the recommended sites for discounted gowns. It is like ebay but I believe it's based out of Asia. There have gorgeous dresses in the $150 range, the particular seller I was looking at was Earlybird01, he has over 700 reviews at 100% so if it is like ebay then that sounds promising to me. I think how it works is that he finds dresses online and makes them himself or "his team" There are ton's of sellers online and I read the reviews some were really bad so I wouldn't go with them, Earlybird had the most and best revews...So has anyone used this site and what was your experience?
I have some mad money so I'm thinking the $150 is worth the risk. What do you think??

Post pics if you have them!

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My fear is you saw this review on a wedding blog0 not exactly the most reputable source. Reviews can be faked, deleted or editted.

I have heard of DHGATE, but nothing positive or negative. I'd be skeptical.

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Thanks, the reviews that are on DHGate I think are legit people that bought from them, just like ebay especially since you can find sellers with bad reviews..and it states it doesn't charge you until we receive and apporve of the item... I just need to find real people like on here that they did buy from them..
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DHgate ships from China. That is about all I know of them. I have received offers from them, but I am skeptical.

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It seems as if you can't leave a review until after you have purchased- just like eBay. I use eBay all the time as a seller and a buyer but I have never purchased from DHgate- I am thinking about it though. If anyone has any real experience with them it would be great to know.

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There have been several brides on here who have ordered from asian websites (I don't specifically remember the names) and they've had mixed reviews. I do remember a few being relatively pleased with the end product, but they knew going in that it wouldn't be the same quality/fabric as the original designers dress.
My personal thought is that it's kinda a gamble. You may win, you may lose. I'd look into the charge/return policy thoroghly before you take action

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I just checked out that website, they hold payment to the merchant until you get your item. If you are happy with the item, they release your payment. You also pay with paypal, so that is more security. I saw an awesome dress for $102 and will be ordering it, the gown I have I love, but questioning if its too formal for our garden vintage venue.

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@Roxanne, that makes me feel better! If you do get it can you send me pics or post them here? You could wear your original dress thats more formal for the ceremony and the new dress for the reception!

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One WW member messaged me pics of their dress from DHgate, it looked very well made as far as the pics go, her seller was xintiandi..I going to go check it out.. anyone else??

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Anyone else bought online or from DHGate I mean

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I have ordered electronic products from them, but never any type of clothing. My experience with them has always been positive though

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Thanks Mrs Clark!

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I have ordered from Dhgate.com plenty of times and have never had problems. I ordered my vail and I am currently waiting for it to come in. Please keep in mind pretty much everthing you buy comes from China anyway so if you can save a few dollars try it. I dont know if I will be ordering a dress from them or not but have been debating it.

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I Finally Got My vail I ordered from DHGate.com and they did not let me down it did take 3 weeks to come in but I paid less then $20. It is alot nicer than I expected.

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Robin, Did you end up ordering from DH Gate? I'm in the same boat you were.

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not yet but i will when i lose the weight, i found enough real people that have bought and had a good experience that I'm going to go for it. BUT it does all depend on the seller, im only going to buy from sellers with 100% reviews and Ive found a few. Most take 30 days to get it to you.

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So how did things turn out? I am also considering buying a dress from this site.

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so funny that you ask because Im going tomorrow to get measured so it will be 30-45 days before I get it. The seller im using is earlybird01 1600 dresses and 97% approval

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Robin- Have you ordered your dress? I have been looking into several different "cheap" wedding dress sites and there are millions. However, I watched the news the other day and they were talking about wedding dress scams. Please let us know how your dress turned out! If you don't mind post a pic! :)

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Yep I ordered it today so at most it will be 45days, I've seen some people post their pics and they were happy with their purchase but their style gowns are more traditional than what I want, the one I ordered I asked them to put this top with this dress skirt, so it will be kinda custom, so we shall see!!! i will post pics for sure.. cant wait! I have had ALOT of communication with them (earlybirdno1) I was wrong about his name in the above post, and he seems to understand my vision :)

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The original dress skirt has the hoops of tull that I really didnt like so Im changing it to the above skirt

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