Handheld Steamer??
Has anyone here used a handheld garment steamer and had good results? Which one would you recommend? I was thinking of buying one for the wedding day because I was showing my sister my dress and noticed that after two weeks in the bag it's already getting wrinkled on the bottom, so I know after 460 more days it will definitely need a good steaming! (my dress is satin, organza, and lace if that matters)

Also, if the handheld ones don't work that well I know I could take it somewhere, but I read most bridal shops only steam your dress if you get it altered there, but what if you don't need alterations? As of right now, I am one size all over and don't need a single thing altered so if I don't gain/lose any weight, will AA steam it for me just cuz I bought it there?

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I've used them a lot - mostly when traveling. They do work well on materials that can be steamed, but beware!! Sometimes they will sputter a little, which could be a problem if the material of your dress is prone to water marks.

If you can have the professionals do it, I'd recommend that. Ask the store - I presume they'd do it for you, even if there's a small charge.

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i'm going to put a steamer on my bridal registry... i absolutely love them! you'll save so much on dry cleaning and ironing that you'll use it all the time.

all steamers are pretty much made the same, some just have different settings (which you should opt for), and how much water it holds. i had a sunbeam one for awhile, but it broke. whichever on you get make sure it had a cover of some sorts for dedicates, bc your material will singe.

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You'll have to ask AA about that. I'm sure they'll steam it for you the day before (or two) and you just let it hang (out of the bag) until the wedding. You'll have to make sure it's not on a rod with anything else that will be up against it. My mom steamed mine the night before and hung it from the ceiling in the middle of her walk in closet. If there is tulle or anything, DO NOT PULL AND STEAM. It will strech the tulle. Seperate the layers and just steam one at a time.
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Rowenta makes a good handheld steamer. Like it or not, a wedding gown will need to be pressed the week of the wedding. It will not stay nice stored in a bag for a year. Steaming is not enough to get out the wrinkles. Too much steam can make a dress too wet and cause more wrinkles or even damage a dress with water spots!

The week of the wedding, find a secure spot where nobody in the house will be to press your dress. Cover an ironing board with a clean sheet. Heat up the iron, and
clean the sole plate with EXTRA FINE PLAIN STEEL WOOL to remove any gunk
or scratches.

Take a piece of rope about 2 yards long, tie it in half, and tie knots in it 8 inches apart. Loop this over a hanger with a swivel hook and place over the top of a door.
Put your WG hanger in the bottom loop from the top of the door.

Lay out dress over ironing board, and pull up all the layers to the lining. Heat up iron to synthetic. TEST IRON to make sure it is not too hot!!!!!!! Press each lining very
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carefully, including the netting, which may take a lower temp. You can use steam if you must, or a light spritz of water if your dress is made of polyester (look at the tags) or lined in nylon. As you need to work on the length of the train, move the
dress up the rope.

When you come to the top layer of the gown, if you have lace applique, press with
a pressing cloth or a clean WHITE towel over the lace and beading. Make sure your iron is not too hot. You do not want to melt anything.

Pressing a wedding gown is not that difficult, it is just time consuming. It makes a difference to have a lovely pressed dress.

When finished, place your hanger up over the top of the door, and take the iron off the board. place the train over the ironing board so that the dress can cool and dry if you have used any steam. To pack your dress, pin the train by the hem to the waist or up to the top of the hanger, and place very carefully in your bag.

If you are pressing organza, be very careful

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I bought my dress at David's Bridal and they are steaming/pressing for free. I would ask AA before trying it yourself (i'm not brave enough to try and attempt that on my own). But, I do love steamers for ironing/getting the wrinkles out!
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with the temperature of your iron. The same with tulle. You will want to use your
lower synthetic settings, take your time. Do not stretch.

When placing your dress in its bag, take care with the zipper! As you zip up the bag,
place your free hand between the zipper and your dress.

There, you are done, you have pressed a wedding dress.

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I had to pickup my dress early from the store. They steamed it there but it will probably wrinkle some before the wedding with the traveling. They suggested using a steamer but to put a towel/washcloth over the nozzle so that the water does not sputter on the dress.

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I worked in a consignment clothing store for a little over a year and we used a steamer on every single piece of clothing before it went out on the floor. The owner had a Shark I think. I have never had to deal with steaming a wedding dress, but the owner of the store did tell me if I ever had to do one, to always steam in from underneath for the same reason J&R S said, the steamers will sputter, had it happen with clothes I had to steam. If its a dress that is only one layer I wouldn't dare try it yourself. If its a dress that has a good many layers underneath then *I* might attempt it, but again.. only do it from underneath just to be safe!
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A dry cleaner can also steam your gown.

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I got one from Costco, and it sucked.
I recommend as Nancy says, taking it into the dry cleaners for a steam press . It shouldn't be too expensive

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Damesfly Studio....Thanks for those tips.

We use this steamer for so many different things. Yes, it is one more thing we are carting to Vermont.


Good luck with it. :)

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The Jiffy Steamer is a great product. I have owned one, and used one in the shop.
Do take an iron with you if you can. If you carefully press your gown before you leave, pack carefully, placing your dress extended on the back seat with the hanger on the hook and nothing on top, you should be ok. Then when you get to your destination, take the dress out, hang it up with the hanger on a door. Extend the train out over a chair. As it has been mentioned above, if you do use steam, do so from underneath, and do not get the dress wet!

Try not to bag or crush your petticoat if you don't have to.

Above all, wear and enjoy!

please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

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I bought HAAN's steam sweeper and I highly recommend it. With HAAN's portable steam cleaners you can clean around your home in one simple step without the use of chemicals. Pick up your most stubborn stuck on messes or your everyday spills while killing most household bacteria, viruses and even allergy causing dust mites in just 1 second. I have found the steam cleaner to be perfect to reach hard areas such as hard wood, vinyl, laminate and it has really helped to lessen my allergies to dust.

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Yeah, pretty sure that's not the kind of steamer I was asking about almost TWO years ago... But thanks.....
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