Hand delivering Save The Dates?
So my FH and I were wondering thoughts on hand delivering some of the save the dates? There are several people we are going to see at Easter tomorrow and then several people that we will see at work - is it too informal to hand delivery the save the dates to the people we see in person? We will still print out the envelopes nicely. We plan to formally mail out all of our actual invitations, but wasn't sure if it was bad etiquette to hand deliver some of the STDS? Figured it would save even a couple bucks in postage by hand delivering some of the STDS. Thoughts?

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I think it's a nice gesture instead of just sending it in the mail. I had to mail mine b/c no one was close enough to hand them out to.

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We are hand delivering our invites to our close family... I think it totaly okay to do.

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We hand delivered invites to some close family because that's the preferred method on my mom's side of the family, so I say GO FOR IT!

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Ya I think it depends on the family..I'm just mailing most of them except for the people at work I'm inviting, it wouldn't make sense to mail it to people I see on a daily basis.however I do plan on mailing the invitations out to everyone since that's more formal. Btw, are you having a destination wedding? Just wondering why you would hand the STDs out more than a year in advance..unless you are sending the invitations out way early.

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I say go for it!! :)

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I say hand them out. We gave them to family before we sent them out. Also, i hear tell the Royal couple actually had some of thier invites hand delivered, so if its good for them it should be good for you too :-)

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Looks like we'll hand deliver those that are for people we see often. And the reason we are doing it this early (not over a year... we're at less than 10 months now) - we have a lot of out of state guests and since we know the date and are only sending the STD's to people that no matter what will be invited, why not send them out? We wont be sending out our invites until much closer to the wedding.

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We aren't having a destination wedding but I never understood why you should wait to mail them out when you have the date. We are both planners and we have some out of state people coming so we figured why not send them out since we already have them?

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My Beloved, Inc.
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Yes, hand them out! Save stamps!

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We hand delivered a good chunk of our save the dates but plan to mail most all of our invitations out (with the exception of close family)

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ive handed mine out to those ive seen. they found it more personal...not that my parents needed one but they liked that i brought it to them to hang on the fridge

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I say go for it. I have hand delivered some.

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looks like we are going for it.. thanks everyone!

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oops sorry, too tired from working on stuff. I erroneously interpreted your date as not this coming feb but next one :-P

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I'm a budget and one of the ways I have found to cut costs was to not do save the date cards so what I did was I made an annoucement online when we had decided on a date to everyone via email and facebook. Nobody seemed to care that they didn't get a card in the mail or hand delivered to them. We are, however, actually ordering our invites and having them professionally done. Also, to save on money with both the RSVP cards (and the postage), we are skipping those and I will be making a nice insert card that matches our invitation that lets them know to RSVP via our wedding site or if they don't have access to a computer, simply to call and let us know. This allows us to use the money we would have spent on the RSVP cards and postage for another area in our wedding. So I say go for it!

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I like the idea, just do not hand-deliver to invitees, in front of others who are not getting invites. In fact when I went back to visit my family in Ireland I hand delivered save the dates.

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Yup, I sure did hand deliver! Why waste the stamps if they are right there?! I even had a friend like make me give her hers, I see her on a weekly basis- she was like " Come on Maria, REALLY? Just give it to me and save your stamps!!" LOL ...

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I plan on hand delivering my save the dates to the people that i can.. the ones that are being mailed are the ones that are very far away. =)

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I didn't really want to make a new topic - I want to hand deliver some STD to my close family I know I am inviting. I don't think there is anything wrong with handing them out as long as it is in a semi-private setting so no one feels left out. My wedding is over a year away.... so should I wait to hand & mail them out even though I have them already? Everyone is within 3 hrs of our ceremony & reception.
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