Hand Delivering Invitations...Tacky??
Is it tacky to hand deliver wedding invitations to your co-workers or have your mom hand deliver invitations to her co-workers? I am just trying to cut back a few costs and the price of stamps is outrageous! Please share your thoughts.

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Not at ALL!!!! I hand delivered to all of my co-workers and they were so glad. It adds a little personal touch. "I wanted to personally deliver your invitation and I really hope you can share this special day with me" Or something like that...

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Some would say that it is tacky however I am doing it anyway. It won't just be limited to co-workers either. I'm not going to mail my next door neighbor an invite! We have to save money wherever we can so lets be tacky together!

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we hand delivered to our closest friends! we texted them that they had a special delivery at the door, it was fun and they were the first to get theirs, (my fh works for dhl a delivery company) so he most of ours delivered while he was working. not tacky, they felt special!

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Thank you for your inputs!!! My mom was saying that it was tacky and we should mail every single invitation but I was like I need to save money since we are paying for most of the wedding ourselves! This really helped a lot.


studio G occasions
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Its perfect! Back in the day, that's how all invitations were delivered! What could be nicer than getting a beautiful invitation hand delivered to you!

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I don't think it's tacky, and I plan on hand delivering a few invitations myself, but there are so few occasions to actually receive mail other than bills these days, I plan on mailing out most of mine. There's just something about getting something in the mail that makes it more special to me. I might be weird like that, though.

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If its tacky, I will have to be tacky. Its worth being tacky on this one to save some money!

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I'm glad to read these responses because I was hoping to hand deliver some invitations too. It has nothing to do with the cost, but because I don't have addresses for some people! My FH wants to invite a couple of people from his taekwondo school and we don't have addresses for them. I also agree that it is odd to mail an invitation to your next door neighbor. I also hope to hand deliver to my bridesmaids.

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We hand delivered invites to our co-workers that were invited as well as certain family members. Postage just went up this month!

Call it tacky if you want. :) I bet you for every person who says its tacky you will still see them at your wedding eating your food, dancing on to your wedding entertainment right along with all of the others guests after having received their "tacky" invitation. People are a trip sometimes.

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I am on the tacky boat too! lol it doesn't make any sense to mail them out to people you see frequently. Some of my save the dates were hand delivered to people I knew I was going see within a certain time frame.

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I also hand delivered several of my invitations and it was tons of fun. The people we gave them out to were able to talk to us a bit and have some just us time with them. Since working full time, going to school full time, and wedding planning has left me with no free time everyone seemed really happy to see me!

It was a nice break from my day to day life!

I totally say go for it!!!

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To add to what studio-g said, invitations were hand delivered "back in the day" and that is the whole reason for the inner envelope. So the messenger wouldn't soil the invitation inside. Postage is expensive and it doesn't take many stamps to add up...smart thinking on your part!

Elaine, Calligraphy & Invitation Intuit!

Calligraphy by Elaine, Inc.
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There are pros & cons here which are valid. However, IMHO if you want them to be elegant they should have the recipients name-only hand addresed. I do alot of South American weddings they are all hand delivered. I address with the name only, even social writing which is less formal than traditional calligraphy. It really makes it warm and they feel as special as you had hoped. Just something about the hand-touch.
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