Hallelujah--Wedding songs????
I need help, I absolutely love the song Hallelujah (leonard cohen cover). I realise the lyrics can be sweet, can be a little dirty. To me the song is romanitc but I don't know if people would be like WTF! Advice please

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If you love it, go for it; I don't think people will be offended.

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Yeah! What she said.
I highly enjoy that song, personally.

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I walked down the aisle to an instrumental version. Everybody loved it, mostly me!! :)

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I love Leonard Cohen! We used his Dance Me to the End of Love as our first dance song.

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And the only part of Hallelujah that could be considered "dirty" is,

"You saw her bathing on the roof
Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you"

and that is from the Biblical story of King David (Bathsheba being the one he saw bathing). So if anyone objects, tell them it's from your Bible study. ;-)
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It also sounds beautiful as just an instrumental piece, so that's one way of avoiding the lyrics "issue".

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Someone else had a post about this a couple weeks ago. If you go on YouTube there are plenty of instrumentals, string covers, piano covers and everything in between. If you're a little ify about the lyrics, I would say use one of the instrumentals. Most people will recognize the song but you'd actually be surprised how many people don't know all the lyrics and therefore never realized that it's kind of a dirty song :-P

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I say go for it! If you love it then it is a good song to use! :)
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I don't see anything wrong with that song per se. When/where are you planning to use it?

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I used the Jeff Buckley version..and because the lyrics are somewhat "dark" i had an accoustic guitarist play instrumental as my walk down song. I LOVED it.
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