Hahaha..FH freaked over prenatal vitamins
So FH and I have started working out and FH wanted some protein powder so we went to vitamin shop; while there I thought hey let me get some prenatal vitamins so I asked the salesman and he showed me some and after searching for one w/o DHA and after the salesman left FH was all like "ummm why are you getting prenatals, we don't need a surprise right now" haha i explained they are good even if you are not planning a pregnancy but I am not sure he believes me, haha he is so cute. I just wanted to share with you ladies

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LOL that's too funny!

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My best friend screamed at me for taking them because she thought it would help me to get pregnant. Um... no.

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Ha ha I was told to take them to help my skin hair and nails me full thick and healthy!

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So funny...I almost bought some myself today but figured I'd finish my regular ones first :)

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Ya, I want to get them to help with my hair (it's so thin) but I would think my FS would freak a little.. haha.
Aren't they pretty pricey too?

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@Kristin N. really the price depends on the brand; the I got a small bottle to see if i could swallow them (i hate vitamins b/c they are so massive) but a bottle of 30 was about $10

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Haha, speaking of, I need to order some.

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I was in college years ago and they had a bunch of tables set up for different things. One woman was talking about taking a vite with folic acid. She asked if I was over 18. I said yes. She asked if I was sexually active. I said yes. She asked if I was taking those vitamins. I said no. She went on to tell me for a good five minutes how I needed them so if I planned/or even accidentally got pregnant that they would help prevent birth defects. A friend of mine was LOL because she had already "got the memo" about my sexuality. Finally after a good 5 minutes of this woman asking questions and me jerking her around, I explained to her that I wasn't going to accidently get pregnant. She said it could always happen. I told her "Not until my girlfriend gets sperm". The woman got beet red. I was LMAO. I was so bad.

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LOL!!!!! That's hilarious Shannon.

On a serious note, I had a friend who lost her child to birth defects (she carried all 9 months, even though she knew her daughter would die right after birth... she found out a few months in). It was something that might have been helped by folic acid, so I can understand why some people would stress the importance of it.

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@Shannon lmbo
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