guests wearing black to a wedding?
So I searched this, but wanted to see what currently WWers it okay to wear a black dress as a wedding guest? Before I heard (and felt) that it was too funeral-ish and inappropriate, but I'm beginning to see that that's an outdated rule, I've seen women wearing black at weddings and its considered chic/classy..I just ask cuz I just bought a cute dress and was wondering if you all thought it would be okay to wear as a wedding guest to an evening wedding (although I mainly bought it for my rehearsal dinner but wanted to get some use out of it)..I'd add in some splashes of color in accessories like a sweater/necklace though..thoughts? I'm just paranoid about this lol

Thanks! :-)

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If it's a formal event in the evening I think it is perfectly acceptable. I wore black to a wedding a few months ago and half the other guests did as well. My bridesmaids will even be in black for my wedding

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It's an outdated rule, black is very flattering for a lot of people. Head to toe black makes it funeral-ish.

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its definitely outdated.

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It looks great! Wear it! I had a few people ask about wearing black and all I said was - wear anything you want except all white.

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It's always okay to wear a little black dress! That's why it's considered a wardrobe staple. Go for it, it's cute!

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that is fine, unless you plan on wearing the whole Hat with the bird cage thing, otherwise it's fine, lol

I'm known to wear black to weddings all the time, that's always my safe color when I don't know what the wedding colors are.

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okay, phew! I knew I was just being silly, sure maybe a few Grandma's may think it to be odd, but I'm fine with that lol. thanks ladies :-)
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Are you kidding? The little black dress is the go-to for any formal event! If you want to spice things up add a bright colored accessory like a big necklace or bright heels. Very cute and classy.

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Um, I'd want to go to the funeral you wear that dress to! That dress is not funeralish at all.

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I don't mind black, my BMs wore it. You just have to be careful to punch it up with a bright shawl or sparkly accessories so it doesn't look like you're going to a funeral or a business meeting.

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Cute Dress. I would love to be seen in that dress.

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I've worn a black cocktail dress to the last two weddings I attended. They were both evening weddings and I wore some sparkly crystal jewelry to jazz things up. You just make sure that the dress is something that would be inappropriate to wear to a funeral.

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Black is an acceptable color as a guest at a wedding. When black is not appropriate (imho) is when you are the mother of the bride or groom. To me that is just disrespectful, but as a guest it is fine.

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I love the dress. It is fine to wear as a guest.

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I kept telling my sisters not to wear white, black or red. They thought I was being too strict. Well, wedding day comes and what do I see, lots of black and red dresses!!!! WTF!!!! Has that wedding dress code change and I did not get the memo? I did not let that bother me but now that I think about it.... Did the wedding dress code change???? For real...

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oh... after reading all the postings i realized it probably changed... i was probably te only one that did not know...

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I don't remember what a single one of my guests wore...and somehow I doubt many other brides do either. I might have minded if someone showed up in a Playboy Bunny costume (we had lots of little kids) or something, but otherwise, I was getting married, I was euphoric, it was incredible to know that my hubby was going home with me every day for the rest of our lives. Wear what you want.
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Definitely a very outdated rule! Very cute dress... go for it!

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the LBD is the go to dress for EVERYTHING. It all depends on how you dress it up with accessories. I perfer to wear black dresses as they never really go out of style, they're slimming on me and I feel better in black cocktail dresses than other colors.

Red, however, I could NEVER wear. I'd feel like a lady of the night. LOL BUT other people wear it very well!
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