Guest Welcome Bags in Hotel
Hi everyone I am having a beach wedding and putting welcome bags in everyones room. I have about 25 rooms! Any suggestions on what to put in the bags?!

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Rachel W.
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Bottled water and little snacks. Menus for nearby places. Info on the area, island, hotel, etc.
Maybe a crossword puzzle or word find?

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Itinerary, contact numbers, maps...

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I made some for our guests, they really appreciated the ibuprofen I put in the bags.

Hayley C™
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Do you have the bags yet? Check They have some fun floral bags you can buy in bulk and have delivered to your local store.

Maybe some sunscreen, deck of cards, microwave popcorn (on top of other's suggestions)

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And a welcome note :-) We used VP free postcards and one of our e-pics.

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We are putting a welcome letter with events of the week, maps, pens and postcards, travel toothbrushes/paste, sunscreen, DND door hangers, nuts and snacks, water, a small bottle of rum, and maybe a beach mat but not sure on that one yet. For the two families with small kids we are including a few blow up beach balls and sand toys for the kids.

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Here are a few that come to mind:
- A short guide of the things to do and places to visit in the nearby areas
- A brief profile of the guests (so that the other guests can be more or less familiar with the ones they don't know yet)
- The itinerary surrounding the wedding
- Hotel card holders
- Towel weights (if you're going somewhere with a beach)
- Souvenir t-shirts
- Sunscreen
- quick snacks and candies
- water bottles

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Something related to the venue/city/state of the wedding. My sister did Old Bay Utz potato chips and chocolate crab lollipops (crab-shaped, not flavored. That would be weird) for her Maryland wedding.

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water bottles, snacks and other things that may be unique to where you are from, post cards from different places(where you met, where you got engaged, where the wedding is...if they are all different), a welcome note and a itinerary for the weekend/wedding day...

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Just saw this link on another forum. It has lots of ideas for OOT bags and even lists things unique to your particular location.
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