Guest "Frame" instead of Guest Book!
Saw this on Etsy and decided to have it done myself! We took a verse from "Someone Like You" by Van Morrison, which is our first song to dance to and had it made into a small poster. Picked up a frame at Michael's for under $30.00 and bought an extra mat to have this displayed at the wedding and will have our guests sign the frame on our wedding day!
This has to be my favorite project so far!

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When you have it displayed at the wedding, are you going to remove the glass and have it set up like that? OR just the mat and verse?? I want to do this but I'm not sure how to make it work yet... I also wanted to use a verse from our first dance... makes it SO much more personal.

This looks GREAT!

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Thanks Olivia! Yes, I'm going to have it displayed in the glass with this mat and use another mat to put on the table to have people sign it with brown thin markers that I picked up too! (When you do this, make sure you lightly pencil a 1/4 inch line on the mat so people don't write over it so when it is in the frame, it's not cut off)
Using our first dance song does make it personal and I'll love having it displayed in our home!

If you have a Kinkos near you or know a printer, they can do it for little money or maybe even one of the online photo companies that do poster prints!

Keep an eye out for frames now at Michaels with coupons or yard sales- you can then pick any mat you want! GOOD LUCK!
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I love it!!! I never even thought to do this!

We are doing one, but with our picture.

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So you got 2 mats and one is for display purposes and one is for the actual thing once everyone wrote their names?

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Exactly! The one that came with the frame and then another one for about $4.00 :)

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I would LOVE to do something like this. Such a cute idea.

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We wanted to the exact same thing just with our e-pic, but the mats seem too small. How many guests are you going to have?

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Love this!

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Thanks again everyone! We are having 104 guests Mrs. S. ;) There should be plenty of room for signatures. ;)

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This is exactly what we are planning on doing! My cousin did one but hers was different. She did a pic of them and the frame part that everyone signed was some sort of mirrior they had a special etching (sp?) pen that everyone wrote with. I'm sure I just described that all wrong lo If I can get her to send me a pic I will post it.

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i actually really like this idea you can use it as decor in your house.. :) i love it

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Would love to see that to Melissa!
Yes Rebecca! Looking forward to hanging it, maybe above the fireplace... not quite sure yet! How often does someone take out their guest book to look at? ;)
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