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Hello all,

This is my first post so bear with me if I don't get it quite right. I'm looking for some kind of decoration for my table where my guests will sign the guest book at. I don't want to do a picture frame that everyone can sign since my fsil did that at her wedding not too long ago. Does anyone have any cheap ideas of how to decorate the table?

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Since we are doing a vintage theme, we are making pretty bottles that look old....this was our inspiration photo.

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Those look nice Tara but since I'm artistically challenged I need something very simple for me to put together but cute.

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you could decorate it with just old "vintage" looking frames with photos of you two in them...or maybe goto the flea markets and just look around for cheap old items that you think would work on your guest book table

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do you have a theme for your wedding? We are using a record from our favorite band back when we was really young.

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A few of your wedding flowers in a nice vase would work. My flowers are orchids and hydrangeas and so will have an orchid plant sitting next to the guest book. Luckily they are very inexpensive and I have the benefit of it being a plant I can keep.

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Thank you all for your ideas. Michella - you gave me a wonderful idea. I was able to find framed personalized vinyl album guestbooks on etsy. Although they are a little pricey, they fit in perfectly with my theme and are different and cute. I'll probably add some small flowers and votive candles to decorate the table.

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YW, We will be putting a sign with a cute poem in a frame, my "I DO" decoration with some rose petals and votive candles around the table.

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how about a scaled down version of your centerpiece?

or a grouping of candles?
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It depends on the type of style you would like to have for your wedding. I posted a few different styles that are fairly easy to put together even if you are artistically challenged and for the most part inexpensive. First pick is more natural, second is nature inspired, and traditional and elegant. I found these on

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Our guestbook table had a framed welcome, our guest book, some moose votive holders(A Vermont joke between us), a picture of us our grandson made with toys, pictures of our family and fall decor.

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Lovely ideas and tables ladies!

My daughter's theme is a Secret Garden. She is having a wish box instead of a guest book. She found a lovely vintage looking box and decorative tags with keys that guests can fill out and put in the box.

Her table will have a scaled down version of her centerpieces, some votive candles, and a framed quote.

Yes, I spelled my FSIL's name incorrectly in this frame and yes I corrected it.

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