Guest book alternatives???
Could anyone suggest an alternative to the traditional guest book sign in. I think most people hate waiting in a line to sign that book (like I do) and when does anyone ever look back and open that book to see who came to their wedding?? So I have heard about the picture alternative, which I'm not crazy about either...ANY other suggestions???

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I had a friend put out little heart shapede note pads on each table. Then the guest could write wishes and greetings on them and she made a collage out of them.

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oh I had a forum on this awhile ago. There were some good ideas there. Let me get the link for it.

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Thanks, I like the heart shaped note pad idea a clooage could be framed and hung in our house. Great idea! I will look for the link Morgan, thanks!

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here you go

hope you find something useful in there. I did get a lot of people suggesting the picture thing, but there are also some very unique creative ideas.
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I had a bride sign rocks/stones with their names or wishes on them. You get the stones at your local craft store. They had just purchased a new home with a huge garden that had a lot of rock around it, so the idea was perfect. They placed all of the rocks in their garden and when she goes out there she can enjoy looking at them.

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Since we are getting married on the beach in Cabo, our planner is purchasing a coffee table book called "The Beaches of Cabo" and our guests that book.

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Konichiwa had my favorite ideas thus far:

I'll be moving after the wedding from AZ to TX. I thought it would be a cute idea to have guests sign those little Rolodex cards with their names, address, phone #'s and email info on the front and any well wishes on the back of the cards. Then I'll have an updated address list for not only the thank you cards but to keep in contact with everyone as well!

Thanks --

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@ Sharon...LOVE IT!
I saw in a DW bridal mag that they purchased large flat seashells and all the guests wrote their well wished on them. They collected them in a decorative bowl and then poured the sand from the sand ceremony over the top

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we are using a large picture frame with me and my FH in the middle and the guest sign the matting around it. so we can then hang it on the wall.

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im just getting a cheap 2 ring binder, and putting scrapbook paper in it. i drew picture sized boxes and instructed people not to write in the box. and its all pretty! so then people sign wherever they want and as big or small as they want! then after the wedding, pics will be added, and the pages will come out and go in our wedding album. and ill be taking ribbon and looping it through where the hole punches are and making a bow so its pretty and doesnt have random holes in the pages.

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I had a regular guestbook (which sucked) and a framed photo where people signed around it...and it sucked even more people somehow only about 20 people signed that. Since our wedding was a disaster, we plan on renewing our vows and going all out and since we're both baseball fans, we're going to have a Dodgers jersey (with our lastname on it) for everyone to sign as a guestbook. :-) Goodluck.

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There is this photo guest book thing that instead of using a sharpie you can engrave your signature/message permanently on the surface. That's what we're doing :) Our Trays and Platters.html?gclid=CP2jhN3Cmp8CFag65Qod9xZFrw
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Think about using empty candy jars (nice ones with lids) for guests to place their wishes in, you can have 1 or more jars and label them: Wishes for today, Wishes for tomorrow, Read on your first anniversary…etc…

Just use scrap book paper and cut with fun scissors for a cute edging. You can cut one sheet into 4 or more pieces.

You can even pre-print thank you for sharing our special day wih us on the bottom of the card near the area your guest would sign their name.

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With the picture option, people could write some offensive things. My friend had one person write something about a shotgun wedding, which was true, but you don't write something like that for wedding memories. I'm using note cards that people can write wishes and memories on and then having them be put in a basket with ribbon around the edge when ever they finish writing them. This way they have time all night to think of something.
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A wedding I worked at had a Polaroid type camera and one of the bridesmaids went around and got pictures of couples, had them sign their names on the bottom part with a sharpie and then all the photos were placed in a really large frame. It now hangs in the couple's basement.

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We plan on doing the signed photo frame. I plan on having a little sign there that lets folks know that it replaces the "normal guest book" and to just sign their name. Then we plan on having a pic taken of everyone grouped we can put that pic in the frame with all our guests names. The ONE suggestion I got over and over when I had posted this before was to have it lay flat on a table and NOT on an easel since that will make it more difficult to sign and that is why alot of people chose not to sign in. So we will have this in the center of the table I think where we will put the table cards.

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imk- that is a great idea. Love the whole group picture

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Martha Stewart came up with a great idea for cards that guests can fill in that prompt them with messages like "love is . . ." "once upon a time . . ." etc. Its great for people (like me) that always blank when it comes to writing something sentimental. (link includes templates)

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I heard this girl asked people to bring a 4x4 fabric square with the name of the people attending in their party and a well wish. She also did fabric transfers of some of her wedding photos to other fabric squared, then sew them all together and made a quilt :)
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