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How do I incorporate the groom's step mom during the ceremony and reception. I do not want to hurt his mothers feelings but I do want to involve the step mom as much as possible. Please help!

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Good question. My fh has actually known his stepmom longer than his mother, so I'm definitely interested to see the responses here.

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I would love to know some responses to this as well, my fiances father has been remarried only a year and doesnt know her to well. So I am totally stumped if I involve her or not!

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I need advice on this, too! My FH's mom died almost two years ago. Long story short, FH's dad decided to jump the gun and spring it on us that he's getting remarried this coming up August (quick, I know... sore subject!) We barely know this woman, but being that she WILL be my FH's step-mom by the time our wedding comes around, we feel as if we should incorporate her somehow out of respect... but clueless as to how to do it. Any ideas? We're not close with her at all.

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I was looking forward to reading some responses on this subject like you all I am dealing with the same situation. All I’ve came up with is having her a corsage and being walked in with the rest of the parents but just have her sit in the second row behind my fiancées Mom…….the reception I’m not going to worry about.
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I agree with Whitney. There does not need to be a huge involvement with the step mom. Depending if you want to give out a rose to the moms during the ceremony, but a corsage and her being walked down the aisle will be acknowledgement enough without overdoing.

At the reception she will be introduced with your groom's father, but the mother/son dance could be first with his mom and then step mom IF that is what he chooses. And that is certainly appropriate.

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I'm good with the step mom, she just celebrated 20 years with fh dad, and we arent doing anything special per say as fh and his step mom maintain amicable distance, but step dad... Well his mom didn't remarry til fh was 25, we barely know the man, does he get a boutonnière do I ask him to where a tux like our dads, does he go golfing with the guys the morning of the wedding?

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I am the stepmother to 3 boys - 2 grown men, and one still a minor child. In my opinion, deference should always be given to the mother. However, if corsages are given to the mothers, giving one to the stepmothers is nice. And having the stepmother escorted to her seat (prior to the mothers) would also be considered an honor.

If either the bride or groom has a close relationship with their stepmother, there can be other moments - special dance, toast, etc - but it is always wise to take the relationship the stepmother has with the biological mother. My relationship with my grown stepson's mother is fine. However, my minor stepson's mother and I are not exactly on friendly terms, and it would be far better (for my stepson's happiness) if I were to remain in background.

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I don't really see how this question is any different than "what do do with the grooms mom" during the ceremony. Mom's from either side don't have much of a traditional role aside from corsage and being seated by the Usher's right before the wedding party.

Am I missing something else?

You can always ask her to do a reading or something.

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@Sami B ~ Yes, the stepdad would most definetely get a bout and if the other fathers are requested to wear a tux, so does he. He will be in your pictures, and I'm certain you wouldn't want him to look so very odd, right? As far as engaging in any activities with the other men from the wedding party, I would leave that up to him. Extend an invitation to go golfing, and if he wishes to go, great! It will be a terrific way for the guys to bond and get to know each other. If he doesn't feel quite comfortable, at least he will know he was invited and not snubbed in any way.

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We aren't doing anything extra for FH's step mom. She is walking down the isle,will be receive a corsage, and will be announced with the bridal party during our reception.

Our biological mothers will receive roses during the rose ceremony at the ceremony. (that sentence sounds funny lol)
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