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I had made comment on my "wedding cake flavor post" wondering what is point of a grooms cake. when is it served and why have one. i know a couple others are wondering same thing. so any help to answer question.


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It is usually on the table next to the regular cake, and I think it is to give the groom something of his own on a day that is though of as "the bride's day". I am surprising FH with a cake shaped like his motorcycle.

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Wow! u will deff have to post pics of the cake!

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I am having a grooms cake for two reasons. My FH is a Vietnam Vet who was never welcomed home. So, the logo on top of his cake is the Coast Guard logo. We are also satisfying the chocolate lovers, as it will be chocolate.

His groom's cake is going to be on the pastry table. He will cut it. I will have the following written on it: Welcome home! Thank you for your service!

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Thats really nice!

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im getting him a grooms cake...for his bach party. I dont see the point in having one at the wedding with the main cake and edible favors lol. Besides, he wants a Nightmare before Christmas cake

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Yay for the Coast Guard! My dad is retired USCG, and my brother, two uncles, best friend's father and brother...basically all the men from my childhood...are currently serving.

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Oh, and the groom's cake is usually a tribute to something he really likes, and can add another cake flavor for the party. Hubby got a double chocolate truffle Cowboys cake with rubber duckies (he collected rubber duckies), and it was a huge hit. Actually, people were coming back for seconds and thirds of both cakes, so make sure your cake tastes as good as it looks ;)

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I'm getting my FH a groom's cake that looks like a propped open humidor with cigars inside! He loves a nice cigar and whiskey and whenever they have "guy's night" he shows off the humidor I got him for Christmas so that's why I made that decision.
We are putting it on a table next to the wedding cake and it's going to be his favorite flavor from our baker. Pumpkin spice! He didn't get that flavor for the wedding cake because I thought that not enough people would like it (it's kind of a flavor blast lol) so I thought it would be a nice gesture for him.

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I'm doing a sports related grooms cake. It will have all his favorite team logos on it. It will be chocolate with whipped peanut butter filling. We are doing it because where we are from it's tradition. It does give some attention to the groom as most of the day the focus is on the bride.

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I got my husband a groom's cake as a surprise. He was so pleased with it. We ended up cutting and serving it the next day at a picnic at his brother's house. Everyone loved it, and I could tell he enjoyed serving it to his family who stayed around the next day after the wedding.

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I want to surprise FH with a Turtle. His family all calls him turtle- and he walks really slow!! I want to try and find a little energizer bunny to place next to it- I am always on the go!! Thought it would look cute.

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Sandey, that is a great idea!

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The more I read these, the more I want to do something like that.
hmmm. I am just thinking price will be a factor. We just cannot have everything. We can only have the things that are most important to us. If we did do this, it'd have to be kinda small.

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We decided not to go that route. It would be an added expensive, plus I think the wedding cake should be OUR cake - not just mine. So we both picked it out - something we both love, and his mom is going to be making it. It'll be two tiers. Plus, we're only having ten people at our reception, us, and we'll be allowing our photographer, dj, wedding coordinator to have some. So I don't think there's really a need for another cake because it would be wasteful. We'll probably get another one at our at-home reception.

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I am surprising my FH with groom's cake. I am doing a smaller three tiered wedding cake so that when we have both cakes it is still for the amount that we need for the guests and not to much. I'm not spending more if I were to not have it because I am paying by the slice. I want to give him something that represents him in the wedding. His cake will be higher on one end and lower on the other and look like the American flag is draped across the whole thing and sort of waving. On top of it will be the Air Force symbol and a Colts helmet facing a Louisville Cardinals football helmet. That way it represents his favorite teams and what he does. I hope he likes it. I HATE the Colts so if it doesn't say I love you I don't know what does.

Mrs L
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Jul 27, 2011 at 12:13 AM • Flag As Inappropriate make my FH feel like something of the day is his alone the reception on it's own table near the wedding cake
I am having a grooms cake done in Jimmie Johnson (Nascar #48) his fav. driver

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I wanted to get FH a grooms cake and when I brought it up, he said that he didn't want one. Oh well.

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FH and I like all of the same sports teams except when it comes to baseball. He's a Tigers fan and I'm a yankees fan. He calls them the stankees!!! It makes me soooo mad! ( i know it's funny but I can't let him know I think that!) Anyway, I had my baker make two cupcakes to go between the two cakes, one with a tigers logo and one with my yankees!!

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I am doing an xbox 360 with his fav game...he will excited :) this is just a pic of what it will look like.

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i was thinking either penguins or a PS3 cake if i do one
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