Groom wedding day gift package.
So im wanting to put together something for my groom the day of the wedding as a gift to help him get ready for the day but also to know that I am thinking of him, so I was thinking of things like
New Calogane
The first picture of us when we started dating
A letter / card
A package of oatmeal (his fav, breakfest,)

But I need more ideas, im wanting to do a whole little box for him, any other ideas?


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That's really cute! I've been thinking about doing something like this too..but having trouble coming up with ideas. I'm for sure writing a letter to him for my MOH to give him before the ceremony :)

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what about his favorite candy?! my FH looooves sour soothers - the purple and yellow ones especially haha.

how about new boxers? my FH would love those too! but thats my FH and not yours ;)

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a bottle of water/gatorade, or even chocolate milk or flavored milk/juice he likes(if it's being sent by someone in a timely manner), if you know there's a good change he'll be playing some kind of game console, get him a game that comes out around that time, and get extra batteries for his controllers ;)....also, on the "good wife" side, put some clean socks in there, some vitamins ;) if you'll be having safe sex, include something just for him, like um, "protection" that's flavored, and some panties for your night or honeymoon if you're leaving for one ;) also, his fave candy, or gum...

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If I was gonna do that, I'd probably throw in a new Nintendo DS game. ;p

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wow very good idea but I'm with you on not being sure what to give except maybe a stiff drink lol and maybe a hand towel if he sweats when he's nervous.

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Nerf guns. Definitely nerf guns.

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Groomsmen nerfguns=late groom, methinks!

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Maybe, but you would be the ONLY person with nerf guns at your wedding!!! That would be awesome! Your groom could even play it off as a whole goofy James Bond thing. Who wouldn't love that! Can anyone here tell me that their FH would not appreciate a nerf gun in their gift basket?

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Hahaha good ideas ladies! I second the nerfgun :-) Hilarious. I'm also giving my FH a pair of baseball tickets--amazing seats (new stadium...shoutout...ahem..GO TWINS haha)--since his birthday is a week after our wedding. Plus morning prep stuff. I will have my best friend come get it so he can give it to him while their doing the wake up thing :-) I'm also gonna do little trinkets like new golf balls or something. I don't know. Thanks for the tips though!

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@Erica - my FH would love that if I wouldn't have already given him the only 3 nerf guns he wanted. He got nerf guns for 1)his birthday 2)Christmas and 3)Valentine's Day. He loved them. I'm thinking about getting him the swords next.

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@ Roseanna I got my ex husband swords. When the babies were born, he decided to buy them swords, too. Needless to say, it caused problems. Also, he actually took off his friends finger with a sword one day. My FH isn't really into that kind of stuff.
@ Nicci I actually almost suggested sports game tickets, concert tickets, or even lessons for something he wanted to learn, like German, or oil painting. Then I thought nerf guns, and had to post it. My FH have seriously thought about putting nerf guns at all our guest tables. Then we thought it might get out of control. I am a little more offbeat than what he realized when we first started talking about marriage.
@ Stacey Serious suggestion, get personal about it. Is he outdoorsy? Does he like to learn new things? Is he into books? Does he like art or sports? Mine is a professional musician and very outdoorsy. I would get him a monogrammed composition book or maybe some geocaching supplies.

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Custom cuff links? (a little pricey maybe but they would be special).

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I like this idea! I'll have to start making a list for my Fh, YooHoo's will be item #1!

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Aww that's a really sweet idea! I was going to give him a leather-bound book with my boudoir pictures. I think I'm going to make a small care package now. Mints, definitely a good idea ;)

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Add some more snacks. Even tho most guys don't made up as much on the wedding day as we do they still needs to eat. As I wrote that I thought of a massage appointment card for before the wedding. Or for after the honeymoon.

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This is such a great idea. My FH would LOOOVE nerf guns! I'm totally getting him one. I think he'd love new boxers too. Maybe ones with little skulls and crossbones (which he adores). He also loves pj pants. He loves sour candies (sour patch kids) and maybe a PS3 game? Maybe not, those are expensive. Haha! I really wanted to do boudoir pictures but sadly, not in the budget. :(

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Oh and Red Bull. He loves Red Bull. :)

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I'm doing this and I am throwing in his favorite football team cufflinks :)

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Hmmm I was actually planning on doing something like that for all the guys in the wedding (i.e. food, mints, and little last minute items sort of thing)...I love the idea of giving them something for the guys to do that morning...and now I'm thinking of making a little special one for my FH...

Thanks for the great idea (sorry I haven't added any suggestions for yours)

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I want to plan something really nice for my man i was thinking of putting together a box with all our first time pictures and the first video of us on the Santa Cruz boradwalk....and little gift bags for every one in the wedding.
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