Groom walking mother down the aisle
So I was watching Four Weddings this morning and saw the groom walk his mother down the aisle to her seat and then take his place at the alter to wait for the brides entrance. Now I'm thinking about incorporating that in my wedding. My groom's parents are paying for half the wedding, plus they have welcomed me into their family with open arms since the first day we met. They mean a lot to me, especially his mother and I think it would be a neat way to honor her on our wedding day.

What is your opinion? Are there any downs to this idea I haven't thought of?

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I have never heard of that. But my FMIL and my FH are VERY close, as well as, welcoming me into their family since day one.. Im gonna bring that up to him and see if he wants to do it.

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The only thing is - what about the Dad? I would feel like he was left out. Maybe you can have the parents walk down the aisle together and hug FH before he goes up to the altar?

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My FH will be escorting my mother to her seat. Our coordinator came up with that idea and I truly like it. my father will be walking me down the isle. FH's parents wont be attending so i think the next best thing is to escort his FMIL :D

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Yes, I am doing that. My FH will escort his parents to their seat.
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Just like when an usher escorts a woman to her seat, the woman's husband/date walks right behind.

Or both of groom's parents can walk him down the aisle.

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I was recently at two weddings where this was done..the groom/groomsmen walked mom and anyone else that was there like a was more like a few minutes before it got started ya it def didn't take anything away from the Dad and the IS the bride afterall, it's her show (not really but you know what I mean, everyone stand when she and the Dad or whoever come walking down)

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My brother will walk my mom down the aisle, then my FFIL and FMIL will both be walking my FH down the aisle. They will be seated, then FH will take his place at the altar. Then the processional, and my dad and step-dad will walk me down. FH's sister is a bridesmaid and so is mine, so we have all of our siblings and parents covered :)

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I like that idea, FH is very close with his mom to and he wants and entrance of his own. Maybe he can do it this way? I'll have to talk to him about it!

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FH will walk his mom down the aisle, and then one of the ushers (my nephew) will walk my mom down the aisle. I went to a wedding recently where the groom walked his own mother down the aisle and then came back up and walked the bride's mother down the aisle. I thought it was a nice gesture, but the aisle was kind of long, so it seemed to take FOREVER!

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my FH will be walking his mom down the aisle as well.

Another thing I saw on an episode of 4 weddings that I'm thinking of stealing is the pastor had both mothers come up and kiss their child, as they did this he said, "the last kiss you get as a single person should be from the one who gave you your 1st kiss in life".

I thought that was a great and sweet idea.

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That actually would be an AWESOME idea for us. My future FIL is going to be carrying my 6 month old son down the aisle as my ring bearer and my mom is walking me down the aisle. If my FH walks his mom down the aisle then all of the parents get a special walk to their seats :) I love this idea. Thanks!

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@Ednabugg that is so sweet. I got all teary eyed reading it. I'd prob boo hoo the day of if we did that.
I think it's a nice gesture for FH to walk dwn with his mom. We haven't had that talk yet but I'm sure FH wld love the idea.

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Yes, that's what we did. Niether me or my DH wanted it at first, but it ment alot to his mom, so we did.
We had his dad on the right, his mom in the middle and my DH on the left.
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Do it. It's very, very sweet.

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My son got married last year in a Catholic church. All the GM and BM walked down the aisle. Then my son and I walked in together arm in arm(his father isn't in the pic at all). When we got to the alter, we bowed our heads, I gave him a kiss, told him I loved him, and took my seat in the front pew. Then the MOH, ring bearer and flower girls entered, then the bride and her father. I thought it was very beautiful and very touching.

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Exactly - I've seen it as Nancy T. describes it. Mom is escorted by the groom, dad walks just behind.

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I had never heard of this either until a few months back, and Mom and I were going through her wedding album. Mom told me she thought it was normal, and the only reason i did not know about it was because that happens way in the beginning before the bride even comes out, so you don't normally see that part, and think about it.
My dad and his parents went down the aisle second, after the officiant was up there, then his parents sat down, and he went to stand up, and wait for bridal party to come down. Moh, and best man, then if you have bridesmaids, and groomsmen, then they come down, and then the bride, obviously goes last.
I think I am gonna definitely going to do that.

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Wow, I hadn't heard of this but think it is a great touch. Thanks for sharing!

FH and his mom are VERY close and his stepdad (dad isn't really around) will be a groomsman. I think it would be a great gesture for him to walk his mom (or maybe both moms??) down the aisle before the bridal party comes in.

@Ednabugg - That is one of the sweetest things I have ever heard. I teared up reading it, your guests are going to ball like babies!

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Like BreJa B my FH is escorting my Mom to her seat and then proceeding to the alter. My father has passed away and my FH's mother has passed away. Actually, each guy with the exception of the bestman in our wedding (all my FH cousins) are escorting their Mother because they have all lost their fathers also. My FH is very close to his aunts and its just away to make sure their recognized.

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I know my dad, personally has always thought it silly to have a groomsmen or usher walk his wife down the aisle to sit when he is there...didn't matter if he was father of the bride or groom, he would walk his wife (my mom) down to sit and then, if he was father of the bride, come back to walk me or my sister down the aisle. So, I kinda think if the husband/father is there, then he should do it.
However, for my wedding, my husbands father passed away several years ago. So...we had him walk her down aisle to sit down and then he took his spot at the front. I thought it was a great way to honor his mom and really special since his father/her late husband wasnt there.
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