Groom Walk Down The Aisle?
We've been discussing the processional and I've been thinking my FH actually would walk down the aisle first. Everyone argues he does not walk down the aisle and just kind of appears there. But, we are having an outdoor ceremony and the only way to get to the alter is to walk down the aisle. Did this happen for any of you? I don't think it's a big deal, but he really doesn't want to "walk down the aisle" (too shy). Suggestions? He's saying he will be at the alter prior to guests entering the ceremony area. I don't really like that idea.

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We are having FH walk his mom down the isle during the processional

We are an outdoor wedding as well
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His mom or sister is suppose to escort him down the aisle before the bridal party
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He can walk down with the officiant, with his BM, or with all the GM (if they are not walking the bridesmaids in). He can escort his mom or g'ma to her seat and then join officiant up front. Lots of options!

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My DH walked with his parents down the aisle, it was an outside ceremony. It was kind of a last minute thing and he really loved it.
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Many of my grooms walk down the aisle, either alone, with their attendants, with me, or with their parents. I like it.

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My FH will be walking down the aisle with his parents. We are having an outdoor ceremony and I know thats typically something done in a jewish ceremony (which we are not) as oppose to the christian one we are having but we are making the ceremony how we would like and it meant alot to him to have his parents walk him down the aisle.

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My FH walked with his mom behind the Pastor

Just Reenski
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My FH will be walking his mom down the aisle, after the officiant and grandparents. I figure, we are both getting married, we should both walk down the aisle, ya know? The two weddings we've been to in the last two weeks, the groom walked with one or both parents.

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Since ours is so small (space and people), he is just going to be standing with the officiant and groomsmen. I think to save time, we might only have the FG and myself walk down the "aisle".

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My DH was originally suppose to come in from the side with his groomsmen and our minister (we got married in a church). But at the last minute his mom wanted him to walk her down the aisle; originally it was suppose to be his parents going down the aisle together. He walked his mom down the aisle and seem to work out fine. I didn't see it or know about it until later on.

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I think its nice when the groom walks down the aisle - he is a big part of the day after all. Since both of my fiance's parents are both remarried we plan for him to walk his only surviving Grandma down the aisle.

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I really wanted FH to walk down the ailse as well. I think this is different. Now I will say I want the GM to walk by themselves and the ladies to walk by themselves as well. They will both have different songs to walk in to because I couldnt make up my mind on which songs I wanted them on. They will both walk down together for the recessional.

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My DH walked his mom down the aisle. This made her VERY happy.

He took her to her seat and went to stand at the front. I know it movies, the Groom somtimes just appears there but for me that was weird.

Mrs. Del Grosso
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Our processional will go like this

-mother and step father of groom

-mother and brother of bride








-Jr BM






-FG/FG (i'm having 2)

-Bride & Father of the bride

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We didn't have a lot of family at our outdoor wedding, and aside from my dad no major male relatives, so hubby got to escort a lot of ladies down the aisle!

We had the officiant walk down the aisle first to kinda signify that things were starting. Then Hubby walked his aunt and my Nana down the aisle, went back up and then walked his mom and my mom down to their seats and he took his place up front.

I love the pictures we have of him escorting our family. Plus, he was super nervous, so I think having a moment of something to do (other than just stand up front) and some sweet words from family were good for him.

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DH walked my mom and his mom down the aisle - they are very important to both of us [:

2d Bride
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The Jewish tradition is that the bride is escorted down the aisle by both of her parents, and the groom is escorted down the aisle by both of his parents. A lot of nonJewish weddings these days are following the same format. It makes it more like both of them acknowledging their origins, and less like the bride being "given away" as though she were a piece of property.

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My DH walked both the moms down the aisle and then went back up and walked back down with the officiant. Being the comedian he is he thought it would be funny to link arms with the officiant. LOL

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As of right now we're planning that M is going to walk down the aisle with both his parents once our officiant walks down.
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