Gospel Wedding Songs?
Does anyone know any gospel wedding songs? The only one I know is Le'Andria Johnson's "Make Him Like You".

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I'm using Gospel wedding song because of us having the ceremony in the church they only allowed that kind of music..

"I found Love" by BeBe Winans
"After all is said and done" by Beyonce.. not gospel but appropriate for church
"You for me" by Johnny Gill

Google gospel songs.. I found some ideas on weddingbee and youtube too
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Here's a link with other gospel songs to chose from


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Ms. Eva you named all my songs :)

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Thanks Ladies, I am going to check out these songs!

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BeBe and CeCe's Addicted Love

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My best friend used "The Lady, Her Lover, and Lord" by Bishop T.D. Jakes in her wedding.

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It's not gospel, but it's a beautiful Christian wedding song "When God made You" by Natalie Grant f/ newsong.

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You are my joy by the kenoly brothers it is a beautiful song
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