a good color to go with mint green for a wedding party
hi, would anyone have any ideas of another color that would go good with mint green for a wedding party? all ideas are appreciated. Thank you!

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How about champagne color or a nice bright pink. Hope this helps
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A soft purple would be very pretty

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Pink is always a nice complement, as is chocolate brown or even red! I love mint green :)

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espresso, or other lovely shades of brown!
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Light blue (look at this site's colors)
Light orange/tangerine

Good luck!

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When my bridesmaids were trying on dresses they tried on one that was a darker brown dress with a mint green sash around the waist and it was ADORABLE!!!!!! I already have my colors picked out, but if I did not, I would have seriously considered it for HOW CUTE the mint green went with the darker brown. They tried on the dress to see the style and size, it was at David's Bridal!

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I would like a chocolate brown, consider the time of year you are havng your wedding and take it from there, these days anthing goes. Good luck.
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I would go with chocolate brown as others have said, or lilac. I'm partial to lilac and maybe some hints of cream.

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Hi & Congrats!
As a professional wedding coordinator, the trends we're seeing/hearing for this year are crisp white, steel gray and hues of brown. If you prefer to be bold, why not add watermelon pink! I believe any of those shades would compliment mint green. Good luck! Andrea (Creative Concepts and Advancement)

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I think gold, ivory or a pastel yellow.


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I agree with chocolate brown...but if you want to stay brighter, mint green and a rich turquoise color is always beautiful.

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def chocolate brown or if you want to stay light use a nice tan or champagne
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Oh my gosh! I just purchased green amethyst which is a beautiful mint green and it immediately became my new favorite stone! I can't get enough of this color. One of the first color combinations I created was periwinkle (like a hydrangea) and the mint. I can see creamy pearl with the two colors also. If you want to see the colors together, please visit my blog at


or see my flickr pictures!
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Just a few suggestions...my wedding colors were periwinkle, silver and white, soo...

With mint green, maybe pink, white, powder blue, brown, light yellow, etc...

Here is a link that will def. help you choose, because you can actually see the different colors


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I like the periwinkle idea... or how about a light lemon yellow?

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hi, For my wedding i am using Fuchsia pink and mint green .

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