Giving cash as a wedding gift...
Hi Everyone!
So I'm just curious - generally, when FH and I go to a wedding, we give cash as a wedding gift. Does anyone else do this? If so, how much do you normally give?
We usually give $100 between the two of us, so I guess I'm just wondering if most people give more or less then that.

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Mrs Cupcake
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Well we actually got a lot of $20 or $50 cash from our guests and loved ones. I think we didn't get much because our wedding was two weeks after Christmas. I always do gift cards or buy something off the registry.

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I'm the same, I prefer to give them money especially now since I know how much it would help, my minimum is $50 and max is $100 but if I'm in the wedding party, I usually give a nice gift that is under $50 because frankly I've already spent a lot in the wedding itself and just unable to give more.

Future Mrs. K :)
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It is pretty typical where I come from to give cash. I have always given cash and if I am with someone, I give at least $100-$150. I try to give back what they paid for the plate. My brothers wedding was last weekend and I gave him a little more than I usually do. I say, you give what you can. If you can give more and want to, then do it. If you are strapped, then give them what you can afford. They will just be happy you are there to celebrate their day with them!
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I always give cash. I usually give about $200.00 to $300.00, depending on my relationship with the couple, their location, etc.

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I loved getting cash at our wedding. We got between $20-100 from people who gave cash. Personally, when DH and I go to a wedding, if we're close it's $100. If we're being invited out of courtesy and we don't really know them it's $50. If I'm in the wedding party I will crochet them a blanket or something for the couple since that doesn't cost more than $30.

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We tend to give $100-150 per person. I'd always assumed you gave what the hosts paid for you to be there.

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.... ya'll have a lot more money then i do.
If I give cash I can only afford to give maybe $40. then again I only work 12-20 hrs a week and go to school full time. So I don't exactly have a lot of money to spare.

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I give at least $100 - usually more like $200. I at least cover the price per person to be at the wedding, and a little more as a gift. If I'm close to the person, I will give $300 .

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all we really want is cash to compensate for all we have spent so i think $100 is fair

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I also don't know anyone who doesn't give cash as a gift. Generally, we try and cover the cost of our meal and open bar. So, lately, it has been minimally $150 if just the two of us are going. If it is a close family member or friend, I give more.

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Cash = checks too right?
We found actual bills @ our wedding & wonder if anymore maybe got lost.

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I usually give around $150. I also go by the cover your plate rule.

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@CK t. - yes I will actually be giving cheques now. We used to give cash, but at a wedding we went to over a year and a half ago, we didn't receive a thank you card, so we can't be sure that they actually received our cash (they had a money tree that was largely unmanned the entire night). So now, we will be giving cheques so we can ensure that they get cashed :)

I've heard that rule before that many of you have mentioned about giving a gift that covers the cost of your plate. I honestly had NO IDEA how much each plate would cost and even now, we are planning a destination wedding at an all inclusive, so I still don't have a really good idea. Either way, it looks like we should probably bump up the amount we give!

Thanks for the advice everyone!

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I'm in grad school soo yaa I usually give my area at least dinners at weddings/open bar the average is like 35-50 pp, So I figure that's pretty close at least. Plus couples realize I'm a grad student. But if I had a real job I'd give a minimum of 50, prob more like 75.

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It all depends. I either get something off the registry or cash and small gift. (picture frame or something personal). If I give cash anywhere from 50-200 depending on what I can afford at the time and who it is. Just a friendly reminder don't count on cash/check as a gift.

Amy "Been here too long" W.
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I was also taught to cover your plate and only give cash/check. We usually give between $100-300 depending. Although, at my friends wedding last year we gave $200 and I know she only paid $15 pp for dinner and had a cash bar. I don't downgrade just because they did.

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if people went by the cover your dinner/drinks expense I'd only be getting $25 at my wedding! haha.

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LOL Shellie... And how does anyone know how much someone paid per plate to serve their guests their meal? There are many ways to make a cheap meal look like it costed more as well as you could get a meal and think they only paid $30 per plate, but really they paid $50.. Just saying, unless they told you (which I have yet to attend a wedding where they annouced how much it cost them) then you really have no idea.

I think you should just give what you want and can afford.

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$100-$200 depending on the couple
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