Gig Harbor, Washington outdoors weddings
I am searching for the perfect beach wedding site in or near Gig Harbor, Washington. If anyone out there could help me I would greatly appreciate it!!!

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You'll probably want to look up local parks or community centers in that area. I haven't been over to Gig Harbor in years, but from what I remember, I think a lot of the beaches are technically private for the local houses.

There are a few WA state brides on here, but not many... and I don't recall any from the Bremerton or Gig Harbor area.

Sorry... Good Luck!

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My family is over in Gig Harbor, so I'm one of the few perhaps :)

How many people are you looking to accommodate? I didn't look too much in the Gig Harbor area but a quick search brings up the Edgewater House. Anthony's restaurant might be able to handle a smaller crowd which has a water view but not beach. Kensington Gardens isn't on the beach but a very pretty venue. Alderbrook is a beautiful resort right on the water but over in Union which isn't too far.

I found this link actually which might help..

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Hi Rebecca, welcome to WW! Please change your avatar so that we remember you more easily. It will help us determine spam/trolls vs real bride and you'll get a better response. Most don't even open threads with the double rings. Here's how to do that and more :-)

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Welcome to the WeddingWire Community @Rebecca! I look forward to seeing you around the boards :)
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