Gifts for the Groom's Parents??
My fiancee and I are looking into all the gifts that need to be purchased. We don't want to overlook anyone. Several sites make reference to buying gifts for the parents, which we intend to do, but everything we see is only appropriate for the bride to give to her mother and father. We see very little that Chris would give either of his parents. That made us question whether or not it is customary for the groom's parents to be given a gift as well. Does anyone know the rule of thumb on that one?

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I am not sure about the rule on that one but to me it sounds like it would only be fair to give gifts to both, there are lots of magazines and website where you can buy gifts and even personalize them, it really just depends on what you are looking for. I think maybe some type of jewelry for the moms and maybe watches or something like that for the dads.

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Have you ever tried the website They give you a bunch of gift ideas and I believe they give you ideas on what to give parents of the Bride and Groom. They have a lot of different things on there. Another website that could help too is, instead of soemthing traditional like a hankerchief, you can maybe get them a gift card for a cooking class together, a massage for 2, dinner cruise, Winery Tour Gift Cards. A friend of mine who's brother got married, the parents of the Bride gave her parents a Lobster Dinner sent to them. There isn't just one type of gift you can give them. My hubby and I since we couldn't afford at the time we got married couldn't afford to do this, so we're planning to do that at our Vow Renewal. I think a nice gift for a Parent though is maybe giving them a gift card to a nice restaurant and let them enjoy having dinner together. Congrats and best of luck.
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It is customary and it is usually difficult to find just the right gift.

We carry personalized gifts that can be created. A humidor, flask, money clip, bar ware, engraved glasses, silver jewelry, personalized cooler, stadium blankets and even monogrammed his and her robes are big hits.

A lush gift basket and spa treatment says thanks in a big way too! has lots of ideas

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I can't thank you all enough. One of my biggest fears about this whole wedding thing is doing something inappropriate. If anyone has any other suggestions, I'd love to hear them. I'll also look into the advice that has already been given. Congrats and good luck to all!!

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We are getting the moms something and his dad. I found something for my mom and FH liked it so his mom is getting same. Engraved pic. frames with poem and our name inscribed and his father who is proud Irish man so I found his family crest and we are getting a flag with it for him. If you want do joint gifts. Just think about who they are and go from there.

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I think now instead of a Gift Card to a Restaurant, we're going to take his parents, and mine (dad & stepmom, and my mom) on a River Boat in New Orleans and have a nice dinner on there since that is where we are hosting our Vow Renewal. It will be something we can all experience together, and hopefully something they will appreciate more than a hankercheif. We're going to send them with enough time or to my dad & stepmom and mom give them enough heads up when they plan to come in to come a few days earlier and we can talk in person with his parents about coming a few days early as well so we can treat them to a Dinner aboard a Riverboat in the Mississippi River and also take care of the costs of a Boarding Picture, individually and also get a group shot. If you're doing anything as a destination Wedding, that's something also nice to do for the parents.

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RAO, that sounds lovely, but would your parents recognize that as a "gift"? (I'm only asking b/c I don't think mine would see it as such.) Maybe send them a little gift card in advance with a little note thanking them for everything and maybe explicitly stating something to the effect of, "To express our appreciation, we wanted to invite you to..." Depending on your family dynamics, I don't know if that would be necessary, but it couldn't hurt...

And I the idea above about nice monogrammed bathrobes, since they seem like something almost anyone can put to use.

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