Gifts for step-kids in wedding party-- bm's and gm! no little kid gifts. Need ideas
My soon to be stepdaughters (both 7), and my step son (10) are going to be bridesmaids and a groomsman in out wedding. (they will be dressed the same as the adult bridesmaid and groomsmen), and I want to treat them as such. We don't want to minimize their involvement just because they are kids, we want them to remember how important they were o our most important day too. Anyways, looking for gift ideas for the bridal party that can work for kids AND adults. Some thing "grown up" the kids will be excited to get (and maybe hold on to, to remember our day), but something that won't make our grown up bm's and gm's go "uh..... Justin Bieber.... yay?!" lol Any ideas

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no one?

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We are having our children in our wedding too. Well, 3 of them anyway, our 4yr old won't do anything lol. Pfft. I'll probably end up carrying his little butt down the isle.

But as for gifts I'm giving my step-daughter (9) either a necklace or I'm going to start her a charm bracelet. I haven't quite decided yet but I'm leaning towards the charm bracelet. I don't know what to get our 3 boys (14, 9, & 4). When my grandparents got married they got my cousins (in the wedding) little gold bands. They still have them :).

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search "design a skin"

Ask what kind of device they have and make a cover for it.... iphone, ipad, kindle, laptop..... you can personalize each one - favorite sport teams, themed according to a hobby of theirs, upload a photo, etc....

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Are you wanting to give them the same gifts that the grownups get so they feel "grownup"? Or just no "kid" gifts?

I like Kristin and Hayley's ideas a lot. Maybe they would like monogrammed backpacks filled with fun stuff?

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I don't know if they really count as gifts, but I always go awww and love when the parents give the kids rings too. Even if you don't include it in the actual ceremony but just pull them aside and give it to them with a note that expresses that vow I think it would be a great thing to do. They aren't just part of your normal wedding party. You guys are all becoming a family. So rather than just trying to make them feel important by treating them like grownups, I think you should give them something different to show they are important and special because you are becoming a family.
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Those are great ideas ladies. Our bridal party includes both of our children. We both have a son and daughter. My son is 18, his son is 14, my daughter is 10 and his daughter is 17. We're having our best friends to stand as the BM & MOH. I'm thinking jewelry for the girls and MOH. We're getting a silver flask for BM, he's a bartender. As for our sons, we're stuck on those 2! Good luck.
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