Gift for officiant?
Maybe it's just because my brain is fried with only a week left, but I need a gift idea. Our officiant is a friend, and he's not charging us anything. Ideas? He's an older, outdoorsy pilot (think small planes, not jets). Quite a cowboy. I'm just drawing a blank...

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Jul 07, 2011 at 5:42 PM • Flag As Inappropriate certificate to a favorite outdoors store? Anything he'd particular need or want that is flying related? Hard to say without knowing the person.

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Just give him a very nice tip! He'll appreciate it!

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Nice aviator sunglasses! Not sure if that's his kind of thing, but it'd be a cute gift idea!

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i agree a nice tip will do or gift certificate to a restaurant.

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Thank you ladies. I don't know why this one seems so hard, but a gift certificate to a restaurant should work.

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