Getting married without a maid of honor!
I am having a destination wedding. I chose a maid of honor but she will not be able to attend. So I would prefer not to pick anyone else. I've never known of a wedding to have no maid of honor. Have anyone attending a wedding without one?

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I'm not having one! We are also having a destination wedding and decided that since the guest list is small, and half the guests would be standing up there with us, we are standing alone and know all those who love us will understand! I've been to a bunch of weddings where there are no wedding parties. It's more modern I think!

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A lot of girls on here have no wedding party at all. So I wouldn't be worried about it.

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I wouldnt worry about it either. Also as your have a witness then you should be fine.

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MOH SHMO! It will be fine!

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My sister didn't have one but she had 6 attendants! I think she would be have been better off with a MOH but since you are doing a destination wedding you could not have one

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You can still list her as MOH in your program if you want. People understand that with destination weddings, having everyone come is not always possible. That said, I have been to weddings where there were no attendants, and it was FINE. The marriage was still totally valid :-)

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I'm not having one! Just bridesmaids. All of the 'maids know why (too much drama with picking) and know that their position is still an honor because I love them! They've actually taken to it really well and divided up "MOH" tasks among themselves.

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Thank you all for your responses. There will be no groomsmen, bestman, or MOH. I am having only bridesmaid which are my teenage nieces and cousin. I figure it would be best not to choose any friends.I've never observed a bridal party with only bridesmaid. I guess there is a first time for everything.

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I'm not having a maid of honor! So you aren't the only one

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My fiance is not having a Best Man, so although my sister knows she is my MOH in heart, we are just not using those terms in the wedding program or anything. Just 2 groomsmen & 2 maids.

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Thanks Tori for confirming that I'm not the only one. My friend and family are trying to convince me that I have to have one but I rather not. I actually chose a cousin to be my MOH but she won't be able to attend so I rather not choose any. Since my fiance is not having a bestman I figured it's not a big deal.

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I did not have one for my first marriage. It was very small and private and I saw no reason for the wedding party to be as large or larger than the guest list.

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OH I see what you are saying. I thought you meant no attendants at all.. anyway, I was in a wedding where they didn't choose a MOH or Best Man because they didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. My husband didn't choose a a best man for the same reason and just had them all as groomsmen

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I've been harassing my fiance to pick a bestman but since I'm not having a MOH anymore, i'm gonna stop the harassment. Everytime I tell people I am not having a MOH they make a big deal about it. I personally don't think it's that serious. I figured it's my wedding so Im gonna do whatever I want to do. And whomever didn't witness it before will at my wedding.

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We are not having a wedding party either. To be honest I do not want to go through all the problems I would have to go through with my crazy friends and family.

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I'm having three or possibly four attendants, and I'm not having a MOH either. Two of the BMs are my sisters, and all three of FH's GMs are his brothers--he was fine with having the oldest be the BM ("because I've known him the longest"), but I really felt like if anyone should be the MOH, it would be my youngest sister because she's been helping us so much with the planning, but that would really tick off my other sister (who has been kind of a headache in various ways as a BM already).

I just told my youngest sister that I secretly think of her as the MOH, and we're getting her a special gift to thank her for all her help, but there won't be an official MOH or BM.

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To eliminate all headaches I say no Bridal Party. It's an extra expense anyway because you have to buy them gifts. Even though I am have a destination wedding it's still a bit frustrating but compared to if i had it in the states I'm doing okay. I'm working on 50 guests compared to 150.

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i'm actually pleasantly suprised to read everyone that is NOT having a bridal party! Just the two of us! Isn't that what it's about? One thing brides/grooms seem to forget and get caught up with is what they "Should" do. They is NOT should do- the only requirement is you commit yourself to your fiance. the rest is entirely up to you.

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i don't see nothing wrong with not having one some ppl dont wanna hurt others feelings and just have bridesmaids and i been to wedding where there were not any its your day!

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Thanks HS Sweethearts
I'm definitely not having one and I feel okay about it.
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