Getting Married in Different State Than Where I Live Question
I noticed a lot of people are getting married in a different state than where they live. Do you have to get married in the same state where you get your marriage license? I live in FL and want to have the ceremony in CA. Do I need a CA marriage license? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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You will need a CA marriage license.

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Oh wow, that was a quick response. Thanks :) I've been trying to find official verbage online and can't find anything. Only the laws for each state and they don't explicitly state the answer to the question.

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You would need a marriage license from CA.

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You may even have to go to the county/township in which you are being married, and get your license there. If you go to CA's website, they should tell you wait times, id requirements, etc.

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@DD. Lol I am marrying out of state too :)

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Try checking out this site . . . That explains laws in all states. Good luck!

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I should have done this forum sooner. I spent 1.5hours searching online and everyone here has answered my question in 5min. Thanks everyone for your help.

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Haven't checked the site that June referenced, but would suggest that you check not only the state's regulations but the regulations for the county/township/parish in which you plan to get married as well. Your officient should be able to advise you. We just got married in another state last weekend and had to get our license in the county in which we were married which was a county regulation. Other counties in the state will accept licenses from other counties. Good luck! Planning a ceremony/reception from another state can be challenging. Just try to be as organized as you can and plan ahead!

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You need to get the marriage license from the country clerks office for the county you are getting married in. The license is valid for that county only. My recommendation is to contact them directly and find out what the procedures are to get a license for non-residents.

Various places require different things. The county we are getting married in charges $45 for a license, or $5 if you do an approved pre-marital counseling course- which we can do online for free through our officiant.

Some places requrie blood tests, etc. And there is usually a waiting period- like in Texas, there is a 3 day waiting period from when you get the license to when you are able to get married, and it expires after 30 days.

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Definitely check out the waiting period! In Massachusetts (where we got married), there is a three-day waiting period. Fortunately, you can get a court waiver of it. However, that meant we were hanging around family court the day before our wedding, hoping that the judge would decide we could get married the next day.

@ Mean Hag Troll, Jr. B.: I am cracking up at having an apprentice.

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Idk about California, but we're living in Florida and getting married in New Jersey. We have to get the marriage license from the same municipality in which we're getting married. A little searching around should have the details. I think I just Googled "marriage license new jersey" and it came up.

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do a double check on if you can get it in any city/town in CA. we live in NH but got married in Boston. in the state of MA, you can get a license in any city/town/etc nearest to you... which was awesome because the prices are different also (range from $25-100!!).

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Anyone get married in Colorado near Carbondale, Glenwood Springs area? I am looking for a romantic setting as well as an officient to marry us outside

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My fiance and I were displaced by Hurricane Sandy...we were going to marry in NY but have been living with my daughter in NJ and we do want to get married in NJ since we will be living here for a long time...We filed for a license in NY in October of this year. Will we have to apply for a NJ license?
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