Getting married at a court house, an having a real wedding in 2012 is it possable?
My fiance and I were thinking about getting married at a court house just for insurance reasons and a lot of things are cheaper when you are married anyone know how to go about doing that? Know one would know and my last name would remain the same I wouldn't change my name until the actual wedding. we still want a big wedding in a few years but were not sure on how to go about doing that. Would the ceremony be the same as far as saying our vows and being announced husband and wife? as if we never got married at a court house.
Thank you

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yeah you can definitely just do it at the courthouse with a justice of the peace. and you can have everything later just like a normal wedding. the only difference is you wont have to get a marriage license and have anyone sign it cuz youll already be legal. but you can still have a ceremony and everything the same. just as long as whoever performs it knows ahead of time your already married.

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I'm already married but SHHH don't tell anyone!

We just went to the court house. We bought the marriage certificate and then the justice of the peace married us. We needed two witnesses and since we didn't want anyone to know we're already married we found some random people walking around at the court house and asked them to be our witnesses. LOL.

As far as our wedding, everything will be exactly the same. The vows, pronouncing us man and wife, etc. The only difference is the officiant is cheaper because they don't have to supply the marriage certificate. Our actual wedding is going to be on our 1 year anniversary. That way when people ask us when we got married at least the date is the same, just not the year. :)

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We did this it was meant to be a secret but his mom told everyone. I called up made an appointment filled out the application and got married by the JOP.

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We are actually doing the same thing. My parents will be there with us and a few more people know we are doing it but not everyone. We are getting married this Saturday by the same officiant who will be doing out vow renewal ceremony in May.

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i wanna do this now then have the big wedding in june but fh is like no then y would we have the wedding

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You totally can! We are doing basically the same thing only aren't getting married at the JOP. Honestly, a lot of couples are doing this in the current economy.

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Same here, Hubby is military and this made more sense for us....had a civil ceremony and doing the wedding on our 1yr anniversary...the only ppl we've told are my mom and one of my best friends that can't come to the wedding anyway. :) As PP said the only difference is that you won't be signing a marriage certificate but you can order decorative ones and fill that out for show if you like.

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My cousin did the same thing! her news leaked out too but you could definitely keep it a secret! I don't think anyone was less excited about the actual wedding even though they were already "married". I think it is a great idea! go for it!

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That is exactly what my boyfriend and i want to do...i plan on going to school for two years than have a wedding..... but we do not want no one to find out!!!!

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Okay so I did the same thing. My husband and I were married in a court house a couple years ago and did not tell our families and now we have a "REAL" wedding coming up. How do we keep our family convinced this is the first and only wedding, like I feel like since we already have the old marriage certificate there will be nothing for the preacher(CLOSE friend of the family) who is marrying us to sign or that we'll have to show him our old certificate and that will be suspicious or whatever.

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well we are going to get married at the court house and plan our wedding for three yrs away only reason we are waiting so long is that way we can have all the children involed and it gives us more time to prepare weve only told my mom sis and his mom im soooooooo happy and cant wait planning to be married in the next month now yeah

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i'm also on the same boat. married at the city hall two years ago. and now, i think we're ready to have the whole shebang next year on our 3rd anniversary. i was just on a different website such as this & asked an innocent question about ceremony ideas and got beaten up for it. a bunch of bridezillas on that site so i closed my account. lol. i was told, i can't possibly have another wedding. i'm wed, 'the ship has sailed.' i'm offending people who got married at the court. if i wanted a 'real' wedding, i should've have gotten one. so on and on. ugh. all i wanted was, i don't want a suepr traditional wedding ceremony but at the same time, i do want to have a ceremony for my parents mainly.

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Omg I cant believe how many times I have asked this same question about getting married through court and big wedding ceremony later and I too was shot down by a bunch of debbie downers saying im already married that time has already passed you can only do it once, well once wasnt good enough and not to mention I my family was not even there!! My husband and I have been married for almost six years and we have a 5 year old and I still want my wedding I never had and thanks to all you wonderful ladies for encouraging the person who posted this topic because now I kbow im going to go through with planning a second wedding. My obly question is would this be a vow renewal or can I have the ceremony again minus the marriage certificate?? Somebody please help lol ?????

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Can someone please email and let me know if I get married in the courthouse is it printed in the newspaper just like bankruptcies and divorces?? Thanks! Email is

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I cannot explain how happy I am to find so much positive feedback about this subject. My boyfriend and I are planning on getting engaged very soon (he is not a good secret keeper when it comes to keeping things from me :) not that, that is a bad thing). He is in the Navy and we are currently, and have been for months, in two different states very far apart. I am moving up to Connecticut in a couple months and money is going to be extremely tight (barely getting by if at all) for both of us so we decided that it would be best for us to get legally married so we have the financial support we need for us to be together. This has been such a hard decision for me because like most girls I have been dreaming of my wedding day since I was little. All of the feedback and comments I've seen so far have nearly driven me to tears. I feel like the negative people out there posting these hurtful comments don’t understand how many sacrifices military couples make as is and that following this path

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is the only choice they have sometimes. Also if I were to just move up there without the extra living expense allowance we would never be able to afford the traditional wedding/marriage anyway. So again thank you all for helping me feel like I'm not foolish or trying to as some put it "scam" people. All we want is to be together again for as long as we can be before he has to go on deployment, whenever that may be.

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I'm so excited to see this. My fiancé and I have been talking about doing this. I won't lie we are young and in our 20's. but unfortunately in the state of ohio you have to be 24 to and or be married and or have a kid to do anything about school loans for financial age. We honestly don't get along that great with our parents. Getting married for us would be the only option for school. We have been together for 3 years engaged for 1 but I want to wait for a big wedding when we graduate and have better jobs.

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I know I am a little late lol but I love seeing such positive feedback about this issue. I was engaged at my baby shower in November of 2010 by my boyfriend of 7 years at the time we are high school sweethearts. Today we have been together for 9 years. My husband wanted to do the right thing so we received our marriage certificate in December of 2010, our son was born in jan of 2011 and we actually got married in feb of 2011 at the justice of the peace. However, like most of you as a little girl i always dreamed about my big wedding once i got older. Therefore once we got married at the justice of the peace we would still have the whole big wedding that every girl dreams about and we did 2 years later on July 27th 2013. I always wanted to have a summer wedding that's why we picked that date. However the problem i am having is we spent so much money for our big day I just don't want it to go unnoticed. Would it be wrong if we decided that we just wanted to choose that day to celebrate our anniversary instead of in February because that was the day our vows were renewed and everyone was there and we had the whole big wedding and everything. What do you guys think?

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My fiance and I have a date set for 2015, but may need to make a trip to the courthouse before then due to job relocation issues. We will likely keep it between him and I and act as if the date in July is our wedding day. This goes for celebrating as well. So, I think you can celebrate your marriage on whatever day you'd like. Its your marriage, you can make it exactly what you want! :)
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