2 garters or 1?
I'm shopping for my garter and noticed a lot of them come in sets of 2. Am I really going to need to keep my garter after the wedding??

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What I did was buy a nice one from Davids Bridal & then a cheaper one to throw :) Its totally up to you, if you want it as a keepsake, I want my more expensive one, but thats my personal preference :)

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I would say no.. there will be so many others things you will have.. what will you do with an extra garter?

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I have a toss garter and I bought a really nice garter on etsy. I think mine will be a great keepsake but if it's not important to you, then skip it

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My fh bought a cake topper its a commical one with the bride dragging the groom away from his gun cabinet with a rifle tucked under his arm (he is a huge gun nut). Anyway he sent the package in my name and said I could open it (he was at work) so I did. There was a gift inside it is a garter with a little rifle on it. Mom and I decided to hide it from him so he has no idea. So, I'll be getting another one to be tossed and the one with the rifle will be his to keep!

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i have two also, one for my hubby to keep and one for the toss.

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Like the ladies said, i got the expensive one to keep and the cheap one to throw....that is something i want to keep....but it is truly up to you!!

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I'm just having the one. I don't really have a reason for a keepsake as long as the photos look good. :)

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I got a set off ebay for like $20.00, They are actually really beautiful. But not expensive, so if you really decide to not keep the keepsake one, it would be no huge money loss.
They have lots of colors and themes. And you really can't beat the price.

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It's a matter of personal preference. Check out www.forprincessbride.com - some garters come in a set of one gorgeous and one "toss" and others are...well - just one garter, the most adorable one spells out "Bride" in Rhinestones!

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I have a regular white garter and then a blue one "something blue".. the grandma INSISTED that I absolutely must have two.. one for keeping and one for tossing. I went with it mostly so I could tie in the something blue I guess.
But it totally doesn't matter, it's up to you.

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I guess it's up to you and what you want. I doubt I'll ever need it again, but I think it could be kind of fun to keep it. I guess it's the same reason they give you a throw away bouquet.
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Not knowing that I had bought a blue one, my G'ma made one for me in my colors. I tossed the blue one and kept the one G'ma made.

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I only bought one. I suppose it would be a nice keepsake and maybe I could show it to my kids one day but really I have no need for it. I don't like clutter and things.

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I have 2 Air Force Garters-smaller one to toss,2nd larger lace one for hubby to hang on the rear view mirror in his car!That way-he'll think about our wedding day(o: (o: (o:

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I have scrap booked my FH and mine's 8 yrs. together so I will be using it for our scrapbook but if I didn't do scrapbooking then I would not buy two.

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I bought a 2 garter set on davidsbridal.com. I want a keepsake and a throw garter. I guess is it's all about your personal preference

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@z&k, great idea. I might have to borrow it!

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I only bought 1 at joann fabrics, really cheap. I don't need to keep 1 for myself.

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