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So I've been looking on Etsy for Garters. I've found some I just LOVE by GarterLady, but I also found a lady who does custom orders. I'm not sure who to go with. I'd be paying a lot more for custom, but I would be getting exactly what I want (hopefully), and she will do two the same so I can throw one away because I have this thing about the throw away being similar if not identical to the main garter. I feel like people are going to see it so I want it to look as pretty as mine lol! Now I'm curious to see what garters you ladies are considering/wearing? Here is the picture of the one I was considering!


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FH is a HUGE 49ers fan. She made me a toss one as well with just a football and red ribbon. I got it from Etsy as well

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Oh my! That is SO cute! My FH is a Phillies fan, so our cake topper is going to have a bat and baseball on it. I love including cute little hobbies and obsessions in the wedding!

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How about this one-of-a-kind garter with the word "Bride" spelled out in rhinestones:
Or, this French-style garter:
Or, this French-style tossing garter:
You will find many more of same designer hand-made styles at
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