Garter Toss Alternatives
I never liked the idea of the garter toss. I don't need my grandmother seeing anybody up my skirt, married or not. We just weren't going to do it, until I thought of a cool alternative! I'm going to get a little black book for FH to toss instead. Inside, instead of having exes numbers and stuff (which would kind of bother me, going through and filling it out haha) all it will say is "See the best man" (FH's best friend and major ladies man). I think it would be particularly funny if BM caught it.
Are you doing a garter toss? If not, have you thought of an alternative?

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Princess Bride
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Yes we are if I wasn't then I wouldn't spend money on a garter. My family are crazy enough anyway lol I love my family we are all open to everything. No children are going only my son and my flower girl.
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I like that idea! Too cute. Wished I would have though of that.
Oh yeah I didn't have any kids at mine either.
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We forewent the garter toss altogether. We think that should be a private thing instead of pubic, and like you said, in front of grandma. I never understood how it became "traditional."
Cute book idea though! That's more like it. (:

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My mother asked if I was doing this. My response was.. "No! I don't want to feel like a stripper or something on my wedding day!"

Princess Bride
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I think everyone is entitle to having their own ways of doing things and am opened minded to anything. That's an awesome idea and very unique. My friend got married last month she didn't do non of that no mother son dance daughter father dance no bouquet no garter in fact she left her garter home. lol. If that's what you want for your wedding do it. I haven't heard of no one doing that and am sure its going to be beautiful

Princess Bride
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As I was doing research for you I came across other option for you.

Have a ton of opaque balloons blown up and had a garter hidden in one of them-- released the balloons and the men had to pop the balloons to find it or If your FH wants to remove your garter, what if it's done in the limo on the way to the reception? That way he'll be happy and you won't be embarassed by who's watching.
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We aren't doing the garter/bouquet toss. We are having a very relax wedding and I don't want my FH going up my dress in front of everyone. Stand strong!

2d Bride
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Our alternative to the garter toss was... not tossing the garter. NotFroofy and I each wore a garter (it was our something blue), but neither of them got thrown.

If anyone questions not throwing the garter, you can tell them what a bride on another board did: "I'm not a fan of flying underwear at weddings."
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Well, we are not having garter toss in wedding so can’t tell you anything but in one of my friends wedding they played a game instead of garter toss......They played the game where all the single woman had to pass the salt shaker while music played in the background.......... When the music stopped, whoever was holding the saltshaker got to keep the bouquet.........

Sharon S.

Garter Glitz
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We have advice on how to do the garter toss in a tasteful way on our web site

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We did the garter toss and I kind of wish we hadn't. No one in my family had a problem with it but me and I found it VERY embarrassing to have him up my dress with everyone there even though I was wearing shorts underneath. Even the pictures are embarrassing. My face is red and I look kinda mortified.

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I wish I remember who it was...but a bride on here had a video of her garter toss...Her hubby pulled out a few very comical items. A "private property" sign, blow up guitar and a cold beer. It was really funny!

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Not doing the garter/bouquet toss either. I did see a couple alternatives to bouquet toss that I thought were neat, in one case the bride had all the married couples dance and handed the bouquet to her grandmother since she and grandfather had been married the longest out of all the couples. Another did the hot potato kind of thing, where the single ladies got in a circle and passed the bouquet around to music and when the music stopped whoever had the bouquet kept it.

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the LBB toss is a cute idea!

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A couple of my friends and my uncles gf have a little inside joke about catching the bouquet at a wedding. Therefore, I've got to do the tradition. I already know though I'm gonna be super awkward during the garter deal. AND the garter my mom bought this adorable and I don't want someone else walking away with it!

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One of the alternative ideas I have always offered to my clients is the "anniversary dance". instead of doing the garter and bouquet I have all the married couples come to the floor, I play a couple of slow songs, slowly removing the couples by when they were married.. (youngest to oldest).. The B&G then present the bouquet (and garter sometimes) to the longest married couple..
Its sweet, its simple, its non offensive :-)

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Jacquelyn, I bought 2 garters. Walmart sells them for like $3. Just put on both and make sure the toss one is lower on your leg than the other. Then you can keep that one and toss the other.

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We're not doing the toss, and there won't be any single men at our wedding anyway lol. I am wearing my garters though, one was custom made for me by my dress & alterations lady (she surprised me with it on my last fitting, I had her sew our initials inside a heart inside the bodice in the same shade of blue as the MOH dress, and while she was at it she made me a custom garter - aww!!) I'm going to keep that one, since I'm not going to preserve my bouquet or anything and it was made just for me. Then I'll also be wearing the 49ers garter that FH will love and probably put on his arm for the rest of the reception, then will probably live on his rearview mirror for a while.

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I definitely am. I will probably turn beet red when Fh gets under my dress, and will curse under my breath but I think it is a traditional thing and I am very traditional. My grandma is not the most converative woman in the world. She is, but she isn't.
She'd probably laugh

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE the balloon idea. My FH and I are both kinda awkward about him crawling around under my dress... I was hoping for a cool alternative and I think we're going to do the balloon thing. Great Idea!!!!
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