Games to play a the wedding reception
I was thinking about The Newlywed Game,a raffle,Another game is to blindfold the groom....have four or five friends (not the bride)... Remove their shoe and raise their pant legs.... Now just by touching the feet...the groom has to guess which one is the bride, so yeah basically I'm stuck and don't know what to have.I'm having belly dancers and african dancers,plus a dj hopefully that will be enough

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Usually most people play games at the bridal shower not the reception. Do you mean the shower? Or are you actually playing games at the reception? Unless this is something that people normally do where you're from I don't know how many people will participate.

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I just thoought it woould be something to keep everyone enetertained but now that you have brouoght this to my attention you are right :-) the dj and everything else should be enough.

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I definitely agree! Plus I think the belly dancers and african dancers will help keep people entertained :-).

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We were going to do the newlywed game at ours because I honestly didn't think people were going to want to dance(it was such a small wedding and mostly family). People ended up dancing so we didn't end up doing the game. I thought it would have been fun to have us, then the couple married the longest, and the couple who had been dating the shortest amount of time.

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Thanks jj :-) and @ kris f. i like that idea about the married couple and couple who has been married the longest

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i had actuallt rhought about this at one point but forgot. about it. we had thought about doing a anniversary song that starts out with us dancing then the couples married 1-3 yrs 3-5 yers.......untill everyone in on the floor, then have the longest married couple give us their advice. or this....

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@Sheila, that is awesome. Ha... me and FH were just watching it and I told him ok.. another DIY project I am going to dress up some ducks!! We are totally going to play this game. Love it!

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if you youtube wedding reception games there are a bunch of them . and i saw it done with shoes also.

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Thanks Sheila, going to check that out! ; )

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@Sheila H. I enjoyed these videos :-)
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Best bet is to let your DJ plan these games as a backup plan. Any good DJ will have a plan to make the crowd/guests interact with each other. I always have some games and gags up my sleeve if people don't want to dance. Some crowds don't like to dance. I don't think playing games at your reception is neccessarily bad. It depends on the crowd.

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I think playing a game or two at the reception is awesome! Not everyone likes to dance, so a game is a great way to add more fun. It may not be "traditional" or what people "normally" do at a reception, but most weddings now-a-days aren't "traditional' or "normal." And just because everyone else isn't doing it, doesn't mean you shouldn't. If you want to play a game on your day I say go for it! This is the day where you should enjoy yourself as much as you can, so don't downplay your day! On the other hand, if no one is willing to participate, then I guess you won't have much of a game... But you won't know unless you try! I'm thinking of playing a game where there will be a winner for the centerpiece at each table-- that way I don't have to drag those suckers home just for me to decide I don't want or need them. lol.
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