funny wedding wording??
HELP! okay so i really want some invitation wording that is funny. i have been tapping out google for this, and the only 'funny' wording i can find is crude... which i dont think our grandparents would love lol. any tips on where i can find some fun wording?

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do you have a theme at all? If I know a little more, I might be able to help....

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it's an enchanted forest themed wedding

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Here, I found these:
"He had to get down on one knee
and beg her to say yes…
finally she gave in
and bought a wedding dress!

We've finally found the love of a lifetime
Be there as we join our hands
Tied forever to the ball and chain
When we exchange our wedding bands!"

"Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harper
Along with Mr. and Mrs. David Johnson
Invite you to witness the wedding of their children
Christopher and Emily
She'll vow to do his laundry
And he'll promise to come home at night
And at the end of every argument
They agree that she'll always be right.

The honor of your presence is requested
as Jack and Emily exchange their vows
to be followed by a reception
Where we'll all get drunk and loud!

Against their better judgment
The parents of the bride and groom
Would like to invite you to the wedding
Although they think it's way too soon!"

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haha those are really good!! where did u find those??

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or if you wanna go renaissance style:
In the name of the baron Hunt,
father of Lady Nicolette
In the name of the countess Da Vinci,
mother of Sir Raymond
With this present letter,

We request the honour of celebrating
in thy kind and noble presence
and that of your household,
the marriage of Lady Nicolette,
Daughter of Elizabeth and Heiress of Walter,
Sir Raymond, Son of Vanessa and Heir of James,
in the fief [land or shire] of San Diego

The ceremony will begin at four o’clock
in the afternoon at


Let it be known that on the
thirtieth day of August in the year
of our Lord two thousand and four
the house of Hunt
pledged its firstborn daughter
to the house of da Vinci in marriage
to the firstborn son

Ceremony to held at

On the eve of August the thirtieth,
in the year of our lord two thousand and five
at half past the seventh hour,
the heads of Houses Hunt and da Vinci
invite you to bear witness to the joining of
Lady Nicolette to Sir Raymond
in the bonds of matrimony and to share in the
celebration of the joining of these two houses

Celebration to be held at

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I got the first ones here:

Want me to find more?
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