Fun Ways to Introduce the Bride/Groom and Wedding Party at Reception?
I definitely do not want the tone set as uptight for our reception, so I figured a way to set a fun tone would be to have a very fun introduction. Any ideas? I'd like the person's name announced, how they know me & groom, and maybe a fun fact. What's something creative and fun that we can set-up?

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I think a "fun fact" would be the opposite of fun! I think you are better off having a fun song that they dance in to. Also, you could do a group dance after the intros, that would be more fun.
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Talk with your DJ and ask if they have any experience doing expanded intro's and to give you some examples of some they've done before.

I've done them a number of times and it works well for certain couples who want a fun, upbeat, but unique start to their wedding but you have to be careful and know where that line is. It's important to understand that this is NOT easy to do well.... it only looks easy to do by those who do it well.

if you don't have a DJ that's done it before, don't let them do it because it's easy to hose this up BADLY. It's one of those videos you see on YouTube and just want to CRY for the couple who just got married and are having what they thought would be fun and creative turn into something dark and disturbing and almost painful to watch.

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At my FI wedding, they introduced each couple (MOH with the BM, 2nd set, 3rd set, 4th set and then the Bride and groom) and everyone did a cute little something. One couple brought a plastic baseball bat and prentended to hit one out of the park. Another dipped and fake kissed. It was cute and got us all laughing.
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