I have an Alice themed wedding reception, and just got this idea today for polka dot table covers.. Now mine will probably be plastic, so I'm curious to see what all of you ladies think?? Oh, and my colors are blue, silver, and white. However since it's Alice I doubt anyone would care if I threw in multi colored table cloths! :D

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nope. If they're plastic you want them NOT to be noticed; as subtle as possible.

Hayley C™
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Hi Ariel

You do what your budget allows. As long as you have good food, good drinks, and good music (for a fun time) no one will really care what is on the tables.

People remember he food, the fun and how happy the bride and groom look.

Ms. 2 Mrs.
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I kinda agree with Celia.

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honestly up until last month i hated plastic table cloths. but i saw black and hot pink mixed on tables at my hotel and it looked amazing! try it out first and make sure it doesnt distact from the centerpieces.

Hayley C™
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What kind of wedding are you having? Location?

In a park or backyard, perfectly acceptable if that is what you can afford.
At a fancy hall with 5 course menu and white glove servers.... a little out of place.

Well, maybe even I'm mistaken... I guess according to Lady Luck it depends how they look in person.
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Unless you have a bazillion tables, renting real table cloths will not cost a huge amount of money more than plastic ones, and they really do make a big difference in the way your room looks. I think it's a really good investment in decor.

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Well only the reception is Alice in Wonderland themed.. It's going to be in an Elks lodge my home town which has a population of maybe 7,500 people? And we're having a one meat buffet...

I mean the lodge isn't fancy, but it's not a backyard either..

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Also I'm going to have about 20 round tables, plus the head table which will be a banquet table.

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It's a fun design, I'm not a huge fan of plastic though.

Hayley C™
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Does the lodge come with any free linens? Can you use those and just buy a bolt of fabric and do runners for your color?

I saw your other post about budget.
I guess just think about what is important to you and where you can cut costs.

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I think emerald green linens would look better.. or maybe a royal purple.. just based on what little I know about the decor you have ;) or maybe even alternate between the two? in such a dark room though, I would suggest sticking with jewel tones
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Alice in Wonderland? Do purples but do linen.

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All they have is white, and they're pretty trashy looking..
I've been thinking about the budget thing, and this is something we already had money saved for.. I was just thinking that if it didn't look horrible plastic then I might be able to pull it off and cut the cost down a bit.

Jen: I would have though of the green and purple too if I was doing more of a tea party theme. :) But mine is more focused on Alice then the mad hatter. :D

Emmy Nae
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I agree do linen

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While I am not particularly a fan of plastic, I think you can pull off "linen look" better. Perhaps you can find something at

I bought my linens. My goal was to resell. Now, I am stuck with stained linens. Sometimes, buying is not always the most cost effective way to do things.

So, does anyone want any stained ivory linens? lolol

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My suggestion would be to go to a fabric store and pick out clearance/sale fabric that fits the vibe and make them yourself. It should be fairly easy, just sew two pieces together to make them wide enough to cover the table and hem the edges. Or use the white tableclothes and make thick table runners. All you'll need to do then is hem the edges. If you have anyone helping with the wedding such as parents or grandparents that know the basics of sewing, they might be willing to help too.

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Depending on the width of the tables The idea Rebecca G had about sewing them would work with the wider quilt backing cottons, You could probally find polka dots and just have to hem to get a table topper to go over the white clothes.

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May 11, 2012 at 8:11 AM • Flag As Inappropriate
I'd go with linen if all possible. We looked into renting and buying and for us it is cheaper to buy the material and make our own. Renting was going to be about $15 a piece, buying would have been about $10-$20 a piece, and making my own about $3 a piece.
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