FUN First dance song!!!
Ok, looking for cute ideas for our first dance song... I don't want to go with something slow and sappy, cuz I''ll be a blubbery mess, plus we are a riot, always having fun.... so I want something cute and sweet, maybe a little upbeat. FH HATES dancing, so the easier we can make it on him, the better.... right now I'm leaning towards "I want to grow old with you" by Adam Sandler.... but I need some more options, I think this song is kind of short..... any ideas?

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I also like "Baby its cold outside" eventhough it's more of a Christmas song... lol.... but it's fun.... I need more ideas!

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This cracks me up.... Ok, I'm getting away from acceptable first dance songs...someone help lol

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Im doing L.O.V.E. frank sinatra I think its a really fun song :) I also didn't want a really slow song

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I am walking down the aisle to Grow Old With you :)

Our first dance song is going to be When I'm 64 for The Beatles

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We used Grow Old With You by Stephen Lynch for our first dance! LOL. I LOVE Adam Sandler, but after hearing Stephen's version we had to use it. My husband hates dancing so this was perfect! It really wasn't too short. It worked out really well and everyone loved it because it really did "fit" us.

I just wanted to add that I also went with that because I didn't want to be a "blubbery mess". :-)
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@Brandi--- do you have alink to trh track you used? Also, is there a duet version out there at all? Where the song is longer, but with male and female singers singing the whole song to each other?

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We're not romantic saps either. We're going to do, "Oh, It is Love" by Hellogoodbye!. I don't know what kind of music you like, but there's a really fun song called, "First Dance" by Never Shout Never. It's an indie guy, but super fun. Here's the "offic" video to it, it includes some suitable dancing the FH can handle :)

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Took me a while, but I foud it!!! There is a woman who chimes in on the chorus part in this version.

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It was so funny because it sounds like a good love song when it starts, but then our guests were listening to the lyrics and were cracking up! We could hear some laughs while we were dancing which is what we wanted. We had a lot of people tell us they loved that song.
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