hi girls.. it might be too soon to say.. but if you go to and you click on ... you have like 20 diff styles to choose from. You pay $25 each which apparently covers s&h. FH and I just ordered his... my engagement ring came as a set so I dont need a band. I couldnt really find any reviews on line for (they are out of Bellflower, CA) and the only jvl jewelry reviews online are from a place in Taylor MI? Anyway... i figured for $25, what could it hurt? So.. id ont know how long this "special" will go on for.. but, i got the info from a Bosco's Bridal show.. so i'm assuming they are at least somewhat reputable.

Has anyone else by chance bought anything from before? if so, i'd love to know how your experience went. I told FH, if it turns out to be a huge scam or the ring sucks (I mean its tungsten, how bad could it be?) then we're only out of $25. The ring apparently comes with a lifetime warranty. So... we'll see how it goes!

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got the same "GIFT" for attending a bridal show in cleveland a couple months ago.... I still have the gift card, me and FH said that we would just get a matching set to wear on the opposite hand.... because we didn't like the styles that they had for wedding bands, but I mean if PUSH comes to shove we can use them as TEMPORARY Bands until we get one that we really like....

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yes, def. a good idea for temporary bands.. our wedding is in 8 months and since FH is having weight loss surgery on monday, he's prob going to lose a few ring sizes... i wanted to get one now though so we have SOMETHING to use..since money is really tight and will be for the months leading up the big day. He can always get one of those inserts that fits the ring to his finger until we can figure out what to do going forward. I mean, for $25 bucks.. it cant hurt to have it as a back up. right? I'll let you know how things go..we ordered it this morning. :)

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if thats real, then thats amazing!!!! can someone do it who didnt go to that show? lol. im getting a tungsten band for my fh too!

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That sounds great! I wanted to get my FH an extra ring "just in case" and he really LOVES black. This will allow me to do it within budget!

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devine2be: yes! just go on.. click and voila! i dont know how long this lasts.. or if its an always-kinda thing or not. good luck :)

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I just ordered one for FH. Hopefully it will not be a ripoff, but for $25 I couldn't resist. Worst case, I'll wear it as a thumb ring. :)

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Wow! That is AMAZING! I'll need to get my fiance's finger sized since we have NO idea what size & tungsten can't be resized. But as soon we we know what size to order, I think I'm going to get one! If it's really tungsten and it REALLY has a lifetime guarantee, then why not?! Thanks for the tip!

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Okay, so I did this last week and I just got my ring for my FH on yesterday and it is lovely!!! Later I am going to try to post some pics. I will prob make a new post but I got him the Enchatment and it is heavy...nice weight to it. I am going to take it to my jeweler to make sure it pure tungsten...but I got the ring in like 6 days and I am very guys should try it!

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i don't know much about tungsten but i got my fh one as his engagement ring with a diamond in the middle and it makes his finger look weird. kinda like his skin is going to peal but never does. this might just be some kind of allergy im not sure. it seems like if he takes if off at night its not so bad, just kind of off and on irritation. just a heads up

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OK ladies.... i know some of you ordered from JVL and posted new threads about it.. just letting you know I got FH's last night.. not sure why mine took longer than most others (even though it says 4-6week delivery on it, i was impatient when I saw other brides getting theirs in fast.. LOL) It's great. I got FH the "Admiration" ring.. :) for $25 bucks, its beautiful and came in a little black faux velvet pouch in a tiny silver tin ..not a lot of money but well spent!! Hope you all enjoy :) Any brides who're interested, here is the website again:

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Thanks for posting about the tungsten ring. I heard they were stronger and would hold up better for men who lift heavy barbells. They may hold up better and not bend when bench pressing. I was concerned that my fh would cut his finger wearing the ring at the gym. I am happy to know about the ring and will post info when we get ours. I will take pics and post them. THANKS SO MUCH for the info! Congratulations to all of you!

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OK.......Anticipation is over...I was very not into ordering these rings, because I thought the deal was toooo good to be true, I thought about it and read other blogs about the rings and thought we would give it a try. I ordered my rings August 24 and received my rings yesterday, August 30th. These rings are GREATTTTT!!!! The rings are very heavy, very much WORTH your 25.00 dollars for s&h. We're so satisfied that were ordering another set. They come in a black velvet pouch, packed in this pretty little silver (tin) can. IT"S WORTH THE MONEY.

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So it's seriously not a scam, their rings are nice and only cost the s&h $25???
Color me surprised! I just got a gift card last night from a bridal show, I showed FH but neither of us thought it was real. I figured there was a catch somewhere. But if you all say they really sent you nice good quality rings I will totally go for it.

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I ordered the rings from and they are complaints here and when i got them they gave me another card for the same deal to give to a friend...

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We just ordered ours....can't wait to get them. We talked to 2 different people at the show we got our free giftcard from and they spoke the word of it. We got close to $600 in free jewelry for $50..... and it's tungsten. I pray that its as good as as others say!

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I had a ring, already, for my FH, it cost me $200, I got the gift card, after attending a bridal show, in Nashville TN. It was $25 for shipping, for, his ring, and, another $25 for a matching one, for myself. 3 weeks later we got the rings and he love's his ring. So, the one I spent, $200 on, I took it back to Kay jewerly!! So we saved a good amount of money.

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I had a ring, already, for my FH, it cost me $200, I got the gift card, after attending a bridal show, in Nashville TN. It was $25 for shipping, for, his ring, and, another $25 for a matching one, for myself. 3 weeks later we got the rings and he love's his ring. So, the one I spent, $200 on, I took it back to Kay jewerly!! So we saved a good amount of money.

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The one bad thing about Tungsten rings they can be broken unless you have a special ring cutter and they can not be resized. Our local hospital is small and dont have the special ring cutter yet, i know alot of the bigger hospitals do like UVA, Duke, etc. the ring can not be scratched which is a very good thing since we live and work on a 600 acre cattle farm. i got the gift card at bridal show i went to Richmond everyone said it was real and seem like they would not give you a gift card scam.

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My husband and I ordered our rings from JVL Jewelry using the free gift card. We paid $50 s/h and the rings are very nice. They came in the mail in a little red pouch, and I was shocked that we also received another free gift card to share with somebody. Just to let you all know also, they guarantee your rings against loss or damage and also offer free resizing. I thought I would share this with you all, because I was very skeptical of it and thought it was too good to be true. It is definitely NOT a scam.
Congrats and good luck to all :)

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How do I get it to work?
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