FREE Shutterfly Photo books - FYI - possible codes you might be able to use???
Just wanted to give you gals an FYI...
I registered for DB right when we got engaged. Even though I asked them 3 times to remove my name from the list of solicitors calling me about my wedding, I still received a code for a free 8x8 Shutterfly Hard Cover Photo Book once we got married as a gift. BTW, I never got my dress from DB or purchased anything through them (though we did rent tuxes from MW)
I also received a free 8x11 Shutterfly Hard Cover Photo Book after I reviewed 5 vendors on The Knot.
I was worried that I wouldn't be able to use both of the codes on my one Shutterfly account that I signed up for, but it worked! I also received 50 free 4x6 prints just for signing up!
I was able to complete both books and select my photos all on one order for 1 S&H charge. In total I paid $30 for everything! Not too shabby, I saved $75!
So IS worth registering on these sites and reviewing! Free stuff is great!
I have yet to receive WW review gift though...will let you know...

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We got the free book from DB too, just for registering in the early planning stages, even though we didn't buy anything there. I didn't know about the knot one though. I'll have to look into that, I've been thinking of making a book with our honeymoon photos.

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Yup! totally got the free one from The Knot as well...the codes expire...just FYI...mine expires 1/31/12 ... thankfully I used it and don't need to worry about it.
But I'd take advantage! It's a great way to save your photos rather than just having them online.

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Hmm what does the email look like? I got a congrats email from DB but only had a link to shutterfly. Is there a survey or something from an older email you need to complete?

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The subject said: Congratulations CYDNEY, our gift to you
Then I opened it up it said a free shutterfly photo book for you with an offer did go to my spam...just FYI.

It did say * Offer valid for one free 20–page 8×11 photo book with hard photo cover only. Any additional pages will incur a per–page fee. Taxes, shipping and handling will apply. Offer valid for one–time redemption per household.

So maybe this code will work for you: DV03-7ZJV-AD2T-6WUJ3P
It expires on Jan 31, 2012

Same thing was on my The Knot email I got
Here is the code for that one: KT05-7XNM-ZG19-DBG8J8
It also expires on Jan 31, 2012

Let me know if it works for you! Make a Shutterfly account and then add promo codes...that's what I did. It automatically saved the codes for me for when I was ready to use them at I did not have to input them at checkout.
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Thanks Cydney! I think I may have deleted that email, I go on frenzies of deleting emails now and again lol..I 'll give that a whirl tonight and if it doesn't work I may call DB or something or just get one on their new year's 40% off sale :-)

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I hope it works for you! Let me know what happens :)

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Snapfish is also good for that stuff to.. If you can wait they usually have free shipping about 4-5 times a year and I know they do penny prints all 4X6 are 1 cent.

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DB also had some free shutterfly coupons in some stores. My sister grabbed some for me. I'm a teacher and received another free coupon with my lovely free pictures they took for the yearbook. I took the coupons from a couple of teachers who had previously said they didn't care about pictures. So, all my engagement photos and photobooks for the parents/grandparents cost me very little. Some coupons couldn't be combined, but I spent maybe $5 on each separate order.

Cydney- How did the hardcover turn out? I wanted to get one, but wasn't sure if I should put a picture on the outside or not and what the quality would be like.

P.S. I love the book you made and have it marked for future reference!

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hmmmm. Maybe mine went to spam. Havent seen anything like that.

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Cydney, where did you do your reviews on The Knot. I haven't seen a place to do it.

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Aww my DB shutterfly expired in Sep. darn maybe when we go to DB this weekend I will look for coupons.

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Kacee - I haven't received it yet but I did see a sample at target as they use shutterfly and it looked nice. I'll let you know when it comes in how it turned out.
Shemika - try one of the cores I provided. It says may be used once per household. So I think you could use it.
I had the knot send me a link to review. But I'm sure if you look on the vendors page or type review vendors in their search you'll find it. :)

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double post
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I got one & used it for my boudoir photo book for FH, then deleted the acct & created a new one with a different email, which you just reminded me I have & done know if it expired... I'm checking now.. :( It expired Dec 27.. O well i still have a couple more emails to use :) They expire 6 weeks after its sent.

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Nice! How did the book turn out for your FH Stacy???

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Im waiting to get some of the e-session pics back to do this. Thanks for the info :)
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