Found a venue for less than $500 :)
The husband has always wanted to have our ceremony at the same place his grand parents got married at. I dont get along with his grandmother and I wanted a place different than anything his grand parents. I wanted to have our indoors. Looking at prices and benefits of his pick vs my choice...i have to admit his pick has more benefits. I decided to give in and book it. We are having our ceremony and reception outdoors at Goldwater Lake in Prescott, AZ. It costs $500 to book (dep & fee) but because we are town residents we get it for $425. We get $200 back (dep). Hubby is very happy about this. :)

Somethings I wanted at ourceremomy was a place for kids to be able to play if they get bored and plenty of space for people to relax and enjoy thenselves.

Wedding: 10/10/2020
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Very nice!!

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it's beautiful! I LOVE WATER! haha, so we're getting married on a sternwheeler :D
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