For a sit down dinner.. help
The caterers we're talking to have have A LOT and I mean A LOT of questions.. I'm trying to think up what I want help me please..

When you are at a wedding for a sit down dinner do like having dessert or no? I'm discussing this with FH and with a cake it seems odd to me but maybe I'm crazy. Do you like the dessert and then take home your cake? Do you want both? I'm so confused. lol

How hungry are you say 10pm after drinking if dinner is served at 7:15ish?? Would you think you'd want a snack option at 10pm?


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I think a snack option is always good, I've heard about midnight snacks, and they go over super well!

I think having a dessert option is good as well, not everyone likes cake, not everyone will eat cake. Some will take it home. Some will eat both!

I think the key is, what does your budget allow?

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I always opt for MORE desert LOL! But cake should be enough. I've rarely been to weddings that give both and it was fine.

I wouldn't necessarily want a snack at 10 if dinner is around 7:15. I would want it at 11 :-)

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Thanks girls. Great way to look at the dessert thing Judith. I had some 30 long winded questions to answer (still am) and I'm like WHOAH.. all this for food? Just for a SAMPLE QUOTE not a proposal? lol But you're right not everyone likes cake. :)

Mrs s- I do believe it would come out about 10:30 and be open till 11:30 you'd be fine there haha.

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I'll totally dig in for a snack or a dessert bar anytime! We had cake and a dessert bar and people made up boxes to take stuff home if they didn't eat it there.

What time does your reception end?

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This is FH... We are toying with the idea of the reception ending around midnight for right now, but nothing is set in stone yet.

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Midnight as of now, or 1 if we wanna pay more. I'm thinking midnight is fine though.

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Imho, there is no such thing as too much food at a wedding.

1. Have a dessert(something non-cakish)

2. Box the cake and let your guests take it home

3. Are you having a cocktail hour? Are horsies being served? If not, go for the snack bar. Another option, make your snack to go.

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Midnight is fine. Then if they serve a snack at around 11, that's perfect.

If your budget allows, of course more dessert is better :-) But if not, cake is fine.

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OMG I thought I had double vision for a sec.

I think a snack is a welcome treat if you're going til midnight or later! Our DOC set out the dessert bar during dinner actually, so it was there when people took their first trip to the bar/dance floor, and then the pizza delivery came around 11:30pm or so. But our reception went really late. If you're ending at midnight or 1 I'd make the snack happen around 10:30 maybe.

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@Tabatha - we're having a dessert table in addition to dinner. The thinking is that 1) not everybody likes cake and 2) it'll stay up longer so people can pop over when they want a snack while dancing the night away, as opposed to the cake which is a one time thing

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We had a sit down dinner
1) Did not have another dessert option as we were having ice cream cake and who doesn't like ice cream and it's a little hard to box up.
2) We had a midnight lunch around 11:30 p.m. But this is because our reception went until 2 a.m. and we had dinner around 6:45-7pm. Our midnight lunch was smokies with fruit. Everyone loved it and out of 80 they cooked, only had 8 left.

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I think the cake is your dessert, no additional dessert needed.

Late-night snack is a neat idea if it fits your budget and you think people will actually hang around that long. It didn't really work for us, but maybe it would for you.

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We are cutting the cake for us to feed eachother then it'll get taken in the kitchen to be sliced for each guest and taken home at the end. We have picked out another dessert for everyone.

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I would say cake is enough. And the dinner is also enough. But... I have never seen more than that at wedding where Im from. If your budget allows more, than go for it!

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We had sit down dinner.
For us, I thought cake was enough. I didn't even think about a snack or a dessert of any kind. Our cake went over well through. Everyone liked it. Each layer was a differnt flavor.

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I think snack are a must if there is alcohol involved and the party will be going late. People need something to keep themselves somewhat sober. I am just doing cupcakes and a cookie bar I think (I am in the process of seeing if we can sub caterer-desserts for another side at dinner.)

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I think if you have wedding cake, dessert is not necessary. Money would be better spend on late night food. We just attended a wedding we had cake 8:30ish late night sliders, pizza etc started being served at 10:30 greatly appreciated.

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I love all the feed back and different points of views. Our wedding is going to be out of town. Everyone is flying and driving from his side. My side is as well for most people. The only people who live close are my parents. So I'm not afraid about people not sticking around very long. People are coming for the wedding, if we have good food, alcohol, and entertainment I think we'll win over the hotel. lol At least I hope. I think the snack bar is a great idea. A lot of people wont be driving but walking or taking a shuttle back to a hotel but I think the gesture of not having to worry about being hungry at the hotel is nice. If we can do both I think dessert and snack table will be a big yes.. if not.. Snack table wins. At least there is a expensive cake and I can always add sweets to the snack tables. :)
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