8 foot tables
How many people can you seat on one side of an 8 foot table? I don't know if its 5 or 6 per side, so 10 or 12 total? (We aren't putting people on the ends).

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I think you can fit four to six. Four people is only a space of two feet per person so six would be kind of tight in my opinion, but it is done all the time.

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Funny you should ask that as I just went to my venue to measure. The way they do it at my venue is that the bride and groom get a table to themselves and the rest of the tables seat 4 on one side so that everybody has elbow room.

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An 8 foot table typically seats 10 people max - 1 on each end, 4 on each side. I wouldn't do more than 4 on a side otherwise it will be very cramped.

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4 on each side, and don't put anyone on the ends. The glassware ends up running into each other.

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This is a quick and easy way to determine how many people sit at various sized tables. They recommend 4 on each side (total 8) unless fitting tables end to end, then can "squeeze" in one at each joint, but only if space is short (not recommended)

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I wouldn't give guests less than 2 ft of space each (so 4 per side) except if you are doing a kids table, and then you could do 5 or 6 per side.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS! I am having 15ppl at my wedding and I haven't seen the table at the restaurant, but I bought a black runner (when I thought I would be doing this myself) for my table. I think I should order another one just in case!

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I wouldn't seat more than 5 on each side. It gets crowded the more people you have.

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On a single 8 foot banquet table (rectangular), you can comfortably fit 8 guests - 4 per side. If you cap the ends, then you can fit 10. You said you don't want to cap the ends, so stick with 8 and you'll be fine. Any more, it's uncomfortable for your guests.

This link shows a diagram of seating guests around an 8 foot banquet table:


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