Food during cocktail hour?!
My FH has forbidden me from watching Four Weddings on TLC because it just makes me feel like crap about our wedding plans.'s 4am and I can't sleep and it's on...And these ladies have more food during their cocktail hour than we'll have at the reception! We can't afford alcohol so we're not even having cocktails at our cocktail hour! (Just lemonade and tea). Is everyone/anyone having food during the cocktail hour? I'm really starting to regret the decision to have a tiny, simple ceremony/reception. Oh man, I need sleep. But seriously, what's the norm for the cocktail hour?

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This is what I am personally doing, but it came with our package deal. -- We are having semi-open bar with beer, wine, & punch bowls of margaritas. We're also having small appetizers, such as cheese, veggies, dip, fruit, & crackers. We're having a pretty big dinner, so finger food is plenty IMO.

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We decided against food for the cocktail hour because dinner is so close behind that I want to make sure people are going to eat that food because the catering is expensive! lol.
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First, get some sleep, this is not worth losing any over. Second, what time of day are we talking about? If in the evening hours, consider this: if your wedding is at 5pm people will have had lunch say around 2pm and by the time your ceremony is over, they'll be hungry and thirsty. No big deal that you are not having alcohol - but tea and lemonade with fresh fruit or vegetables, cheese and crackers, is perfect lead in to dinner. If your catering is expensive it may be due to the type of meal you're having or your locale. The cocktail hour is not required, its designed to give you time to calm yourself after going through a life changing event, take photos etc. Being budget conscious doesn't mean cheating guests when not having cocktail food - its a matter of balance and figuring out how to have it all without going broke but not looking cheap. Having light food is great, this way folks aren't starved before dinner. Your plans are probably lovely;stop freaking out, you're doing fine!

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We just had some crackers/cheese......small odourves (I know that is spelled wrong), and fresh fruit. Definitely nothing fancy, just a small snack before dinner.

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I was wondering this too. My wedding is at 2 pm and then the dinner starts at 4:45 pm. So I wasn't planning on serving anything while pics were being done in between. There will be tons of food after that, though.
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Depending on your timeline and photo session (before/after the wedding) it's very smart and a great transition to have a few appetizers with a signature drink (Mocktail or Cocktail). The lite appetizers served tray pass control the expense, impress your guests and give you time for your photo session without the guests 'waiting' with dead's more affordable than you think and a very nice touch. Your guests remember the reception more than the wedding. Adding a few selective specialty tid-bits will definately impress them, entertain them and everyone likes being served.

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We are having an open bar with a few finger foods, cheese, crackers, and fruit for the cocktail hour.

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@Z take a deep is going to be all okay!

Our cocktail hour will start early 11am (I say never too early for cocktails!) so our plan is to have mimosas and champagne and chambord passed with light appetizers, my family loves a good appetizer

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We're not having alcohol for our cocktail hour either. I wanted a non-alcholic signature drink so we're doing a purple lemonade and lemon water. Our appetizers are mini lamb chops, shrimp spring rolls, and gazpacho shots.

Nicole K.

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Keep in mind too that the wedding with the huge amount of food was a $75,000 wedding. Guests probalbly will not expect a lot, just a few things to much on while they are waiting. Simple things like chesse, crackers and fruit are fine.

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If you are not having alcohol and you are serving dinner right after, I do not think it is necessary.

If you are serving alcohol it is VERY necessary!

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We are not having a cocktail hour, Not in the budget. However, we are offering beer/cheese/veggies/fruit/dinner/wine/champagne at the reception. If it's not in your budget, it just isn't. Nothing to fret over. Your guests will have a nice time either way. Just do what you can afford.

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We are having a ton of food at our cocktail reception but that's also bc we have an open bar and we don't want guests getting crazy drunk before the reception even starts. The food is all included in the pp price, otherwise we would be going with something much simpler.

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We aren't going to have anything heavy because as Cathasach said, I don't want the actual food to sit and not be eaten :)

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If anything, we may have some small finger foods or maybe just have wine passed around during that time.

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If it makes you feel better, we're not having a cocktail hour. Its not in the budget and we don't need to fill in a time gap for our guests because of photos.

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We are just going with small finger foods such as cheese and crackers, fruits, veggie trays, etc. Since we are having alcohol we want to make sure that people get something in their stomachs as they are drinking during the cocktail hour.

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Oh, Honey...try to remember that the people you have at your wedding are people who love you both...not snipey people who are there to find fault in every single detail. I'm looking for cocktail hour ideas myself but really feel it can be simple and light...since a big bbq feast will follow. Just keep your mind on having fun with your sweet boy on your very special day! Best of luck!

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And I think the lemonade and tea idea is perfect. When we were in Mexico we had lemonade with basil in it. I know it sounds wierd...but, it was great! So, maybe you could "pretty up" the tea and lemonade with big slices of lemon...or basil...or mint...etc. Enjoy!

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Hey Z! I know exactly what you mean. I myself watch those shows, mostly for inspirations and ideas, and i too am blown away by all the food they give for just cocktail hour. I started freakin out cus as i was looking at our caterers proposals it does not say anything about cocktail hour. I was thinking of something light and fresh to get them ready for dinner. Fruit, veggies, cheese, olives kind of thing. We are serving liquor, so food is necessary so we don't get a bunch of drunks running around lol.
Stay calm, I'm sure no matter what your wedding will be great. say it like a mantra...i know i have lol

lol you've already gotten married...i just saw your wedding date...womp womp
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