Font for invitations?
I am determined to create DIY wedding invitations that are beautiful, fun, and professional! Any suggestions for two good fonts to use - I need one that is script for our names, and one that is more block like (all caps) for everything else.

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I'm a Wedding Wire invitation vendor. I won't try to sway you away from doing it yourself. You sound determined. My suggestion would be to use the tools available through online invitation dealers - most of the larger invitation printers now offer free online proofing so you can enter your information and see an online proof immediately, change the fonts until you find a combination you like. Print that online preview and then find the best match with the fonts you have available in your word processing software.

Try it out at And don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions along the way.
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Hi there..check out our fonts on
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Hello Beachbride,

We specialize in Wedding Invitations and the font that we use on our invitations are Monotype Corsiva. Hope this helps!

Good Luck!

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A great website for fonts is, you can scroll through them for block type (OptimusPrinceps is pretty good) and script (Exmouth, English, AL Afternoon Delight) are all good too! Hope that helps!

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My personal favorites:

Edwardian Script
Felix Titling

It will also depend upon the type of program that you utilize to create the invitations, such as MS Word, and your names of course. Some letters tend to look better in one font than another, especially cap J and S.

I like use Vistaprint for ALL of my DIY invitations and business printing.

If you search "Vistaprint coupon", you can also find 30-50% off your invitation print order. Meaning you could spend less than $.75/invitation!!

Then if you add ribbon or something custom based upon your theme, they will really look outstanding!

Good Luck!

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I just purchased very affordable quality invitations (75 cents each). Go to and type "wedding" in the search field. Then click on invitations. Einvite has partnered with Costco. They have a huge assortment and they offer 20 or 25% off for Costco members (but here is the clincher, they never ask for a Costco member number). You can order samples for $1.50.

But getting to your question, if you browse all their invitations you can look at fonts you like on the invitations. If you click on and invitation and choose 'edit line by line' you can check out the various fonts they use. You can even play around with it and change fonts to see what combinations of fonts you like. Once you find the font you like, just google 'free font' + the name of the font. I did this second part to create my response postcards that I printed at Kinko's. I just took the sample and matched the paper exactly.
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A quick tip: Make sure that whatever software and/or font you use is compatible with your printer...helps avoid any last minute invitation drama!
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Scriptina is my personal favorite when it comes to script fonts.

But here are two FREE font sites that let you download and use there fonts.

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Thank you all for such great tips! The invitation is now coming along nicely - almost ready to print. I took much of your advice:
- Used the free font websites (since I am using Word, I selected True Type fonts). Dafont and 1001 free fonts were great.
- Mimicked invitation websites that were suggested.

I ended up selecting Copperplate for the caps font and Chopin Script for the script.
THANKS!!! Really appreciate the help.
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