Flowers... To DIY or not...
My mom and i went to hobby lobby and got a few bunches of flowers (50% off week) to start to get some ideas for our flowers... Well, we started playing around with them, couldnt get anything we liked just yet, and FH says, why dont you just pay someone to do them... Now im looking at etsy and there are many talented ladies there who do bouquets!

Now im torn between DIY and buying.... A package for what i need would be about $200... Not sure how much i would spend DIYing...

Any links for great Etsy-ers youve used for bouquets?

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Anyone....? I hear crickets lol

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Flowers and photos are what is important to me other than the vows, so I know I am not talented enought to do it myself. I went to the local grocery store for my bouguet and am doing cut tulips as my centerpeices with fun ribbons wrapped around the dollar store vases.

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I would never do my flowers my self. Its way to much work and on that day or night before you want to be worring about where you can get water proof eye-liner not your main focus of the dinner and party area... It's way to much work. Let someone else worry.
That way if it comes out bad you can blame someone and not your self... or friends and family that will want to help.

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I have not used, but have seen awesome sunflower bouquets on etsy. Everything I have purchased from etsy has been great, I say go for it, think it will cost a little more, but it will save you aggravation

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I am doing my own!

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I could not do them myself. I am not talented in that department, so I am paying a florist to have real flowers. I figured if I am paying for fake, I might as well pay for real

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Doing my own with silks. I did my niece's flowers (fresh). Hand-tied for her took about 30 minutes, BMs and MOH took another 30 min each. We did them the previous evening and then stored them in water in the fridge so they wouldn't open.

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I did my own but bought the girls and spuffed them up a bit

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I'm doing my own. It is just too expensive to have them done. I would rather spend my money on other things. But flowers are not that important to me. I would play around with some more trial periods, but if you don't come up with anything and your boquet is important to you, either delegate or find a florist

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We are doing fake "real touch flowers" from hobby lobby. They are very pretty and in pictures you can not tell at all. So happy with what i chose!

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I am doing my own with flowers from hobby colors a aqua/tiffany blue,silver and white and since real blue flowers are so far and few between i am just going to spray paint the tips of some of mine can get bling to put in them..i may even add a center one that has a silver flower brooch inside one.i don't think it will to difficult to do..and since they are fake i can start early and practice and will be able to keep them afterwards.

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I plan to do my own with silk and/or real touch, since I do not intend on having a lot of flowers. The most intricate would be my own boquet, as I intend for the bouts & bm bouquets to be all 1 flower type. None as centerpieces; but I may have one professionally designed for a head table...maybe.
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