flowers submerged in water
so for my centerpieces I want to submerge a flower in water with a floating candle on top, i love the way it looks and it should be cost effective considering you only use 1-2 flowers per table.

My instinct is I have to choose a sturdy flower like a calla lily for it to not get limp and I right? Has anyone done this? What flowers did you use?

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I think this design would work for the callas. Check with a florist to be sure. I'm submerging orchids and am lighting the bottom of the ceterpiece using LED lights. I got the idea from this pic. Loved the bubbles but didn't want to use in the reception space. I'm going to use the bubbles for the escort card table in the cocktail hour space instead.

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I love the look....but I love calla lilies and I do not think they could ever look bad.

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Have you thought about using fake flowers? My SIL used fake calla lillies for the bouquets in her wedding and not only did the look 100% reak, they felt real also. Love the pic u have.

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The trick most all florists use on this type of centerpiece (and I use it when helping my brides w/ DIY centerpieces) is something known as water-storing crystals. They can be found at any Hobby Lobby or Michael's. The photo that Andrene posted is using water-storing crystals. It gives that really cool effect of "bubbles" in the water.
I'm by no means a professional florist, so when I do these, I use a silk flower for the submerged flower and either fresh or silk flowers for the un-submerged flowers (depending on what the bride I work with wants). Hope this helps. :)

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I am doing submerged fake orchids

@starlette7886 - are the water-storing crystals the same as crystal accents?

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I went to... Michael's last week and they had fake calla lilies that were in about 10 different colors, looked freakin real, and...they even FELT real!! They were made out of some sort of rubber material and as soon as i touched it i had to have my FMIL feel it just to confirm that they were fake-- they were unbelievable!! But that's if you want to do the fake flowers route, but they would be more affordable. If you do want to use real flowers, I would call your local florist and ask. I don't see why they wouldn't be able to help ya out with this question :)

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I'm not absolutely certain but I believe that any flower will float. I've seen pics with various types of flowers floating. I'm also doing led lights. My venue offers fishbowls so I'm doing one large dahlia bloom set upon clear gel deco beads and pink led lights to illuminate. Here's an 'idea' of what I mean but it'll have one flower bloom and pink lights...

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Here is a pick of one of my girls flowers in water. I have more at the office, any will work just make sure you use marbles or rocks to hold them in place otherwise they will shift and if your anything like me that will drive you crazy!

Also lilies should work.

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I love the look! I'm anxious to read how this is done.

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im doing roses and when i put mine in water they stayed just fine (i tested it out before i got my heart set)
here is where i got the idea from..

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