Flowers for a blue wedding
My color for my wedding will be royal blue. Any suggestions on the types of flowers I should use? What other colors will compliment royal blue.

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FMS, the barefoot wife!
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white/ivory and a lighter shade of blue, even a puraple, you can get carnations dyed in a ton of colors!


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I love royal blue! There are lots of colors that work well with royal blue. Orange, fuchsia, pale pink, lavender, lime green, yellow to name a few. I would stay away from blue flowers, especially if the BM's dresses are blue, use your accent color instead. Tiger lilies look great with royal blue. Bring in the royal blue with ribbons, beaded accents, linens and such.

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Royal BLue is one of my main colors (also green) I recommend Royal Blue Bella Donnas... BEAUTIFULL! As my wedding is blues and greens I am doing a bouquet of Bells of Ireland, Royal Blue Bella DOnna, White stargazer Lillys , Green Grass and Peacock eathers! SUper fun!

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Royal Blue is my main colors with fuchsia and silver...
Girls wearing Royal Blue and carrying pink bouquets..

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Sounds gorgeous girls! :)

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since you are getting married in the fall, i think it would be easiest (and possibly cheaper) to go with orange/golden yellow flowers because they will be in season. if there is a flower that's not in season, expect it to cost more. :)

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I always think of big, beautiful Hydrangeas when I think of 'blue' flowers -- they can look gorgeous and dramatic, and should be in season in the early Fall (I see your wedding is in early Oct?)... hydrangea bouquet&aq=1&oq=blue hydrangea

Also, forget-me-nots are precious - and may be available?

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We are using royal blue, white and silver. Were using white and blue hydrangeas, Freshia, blue delphinium, & roses - you can also use white lilies instead of the roses they look really nice with the blue hydrangeas.

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Red, white, pink, purple all those colors would look great with blue.

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Im not sure what "look" you were going for but I LOVE cornflowers there simple inexpensive and so pretty in a bouquet ...aside from that really ANY color goes with blue ...its universal like blue jeans :) Good luck!!
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Light Blue Iris.Dark Blue Delpinium,Cornflowers, Blue Hydrandeas!
Try adding yellow like mini sunflowers and bright orange roses
(orange Unique)........Alo btright green berries!
Good Luck.

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If you want a more classic style you can go for the royal blue along with some white or ivory flowers. I think hydrangeas are perfect for their natural blue color and they would be in season for your wedding. You could have them with some white ochids. For a limited budget the dendrobium could work perfectly they are the cheapest orchid variety and you can buy them even online for a very fair price. If hydrangeas and orchids are not precisely your favorite flowers there are many other options you could use. For royal blue flowers you can get: blue roses, blue cremons, delphinium, blue daisies and even blue veronicas! And if you want something more fun you can mix blue with brighter colors such as: pink, orange, purple, yellow. Maybe some sunflowers along with some blue flowers. Or orange roses and some blue delphinium. Blue tinted roses and pink phlox. Just some ideas! Hope they help you!

Heather G.

Heather's Glen
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Peach colored roses look great with royal blue!

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I see a lot of oranges and yellows with blue...but honestly, most flower colors look nice.

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Thanks these are all really helpful. I think I may go with orchids as my main flower. I will be meeting with a florist on Tuesday so I will definitely keep these all in mind!

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forget me nots... not exactly royal blue.. but blue

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I like delphinium and hydrangea. Both are very pretty!

Ideal Portraits, LLC
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I think that white would be simple and elegant. Tiger lillies are pretty in white, and can have little pops of color while still being pretty unique. I was looking at your picture and I think that would be beautiful against your skin tone. :)
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