Flower Girl Etiquette: Who Pays For The Flower Girl Dresses?
So I've pick out the dress and accessories that I want my flower girl to wear but I'm unsure who pay.
Me or her mother?
Does the mother cover the dress and I purchase the accessories?
Or d0 I treat her like a BM and expect her parents to do it all?

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I'm not sure on this one. When my little sister was the flower girl I think my mom paid for the dress and shoes, etc.

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Usually the parents pays but if you can afford it then it's a really nice thing to do. I'm buying my two FG dresses from ebay, probably will cost me about $50 so I will be paying for them

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The parents should be the one who pays for it. It's just like a bridesmaid

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I found my fg dresses for 37 so I will purchase them but usually it's the parents.

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we're paying for ours, because I figured we asked them to be in the wedding... and theyre already driving from charleston to atlanta for the wedding.

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Well our situation might be a tad diff... I'm making her a tutu dress, and her mother is paying for the supplies since I'm doing the work lol (she offered) It's only like $10 lol

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Since i am using my sister, her hubby and ALL 3 of her children in the wedding, lol, i will split it with her, cause she is buying her own dress.. i mean i got to pay for my, the hub and OUR 3 kids... but i dont want it to be TOO much on my sis... so i will help! their gift will be the jewelery!

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Accepting an invitation for your child to be in a wedding is no different from accepting to be a BM in a wedding. You (the parents) are responsible for what is needed. I do know however, that many brides purchase the flower girl dress, making it part of their gift.

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I would have the mother pay for the dress and than you give the accessories as her flower girl gift.

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I've been the flower girl for a few weddings when I was little. My mom paid for the dress and the brides bought the accessories. I do believe it's customary for the parents to purchase any child wedding party participants attire (a tux for the RB and dress for FG). But it's on the bride or groom to buy boutonnieres and other accessories.

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My sisters paid for the flower girl dresses...but I paid for the accessories

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Thanks Ladies! Just sent my girlfriend an email with my dress choice; letting her know that I would cover the accessories. I can’t wait to see my AddiePoo in angel wings.

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My personal opinion is not custom I guess. I think if Im asking people to be in my wedding I should pay for them to wear the dresses that they will more likely never wear again. I wont make any of my BM or FG pay for their dress.. But I also dont need them to wear the best of the best.. I will let them pic out there dress they dont have to math just have to be royal blue and under 100 dollars each.. The flower girl dress will have to be under 50.. I dont think people should have to pay to be in my wedding thats all..

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I am having my BMs buy their own, but I think I might buy my FG dress. My aunt and uncle have 3 girls in my wedding. So I'll buy the FG and let them buy the other 2, especially since I want a dress that's kind of expensive. But SOOOOO cute.

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i think if the FG is your aunt or uncle's girl, you can pay for it and as a gift for your FG~if not , you can let her parents pay for it ~

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My sister said she would pay for the dress since my niece will keep the dress.I am not sure about our other flower girl I think i will just buy it since her is making my cake:)

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I agree with Tina. I guess it's commonplace for the parent's to pay, but I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that. Our flowergirl and ringbearer were OUR children, so of course we paid. But if they weren't, I would've paid anyway. We paid for our bestmen's clothes.

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I already posted in this BUT this is the tutu I'm going to MAKE! It's only going to cost $10 for the supplies. I was going to pay for it, no big deal but she offered to pay $20 since I'm making it... I think these are a super cute way to go especially if your FG is a toddler. Mine will be 18 months come time for the wedding lol

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